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    I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for making the engagement ring buying process so simple and pleasurable. After visiting more jewelry stores than I can count I found your website on google.

    I like to research things, especially when I am planning to spend so much money. After speaking to Phil, any apprehensions that I had about buying online were soon eased. The customer support you provided was brilliant and the transaction was easy and safe. The ring arrived
    on time allowing me the opportunity to get it re-sized before I proposed.
    Thankfully she said yes and we will be getting married in May 2012.
    Best Wishes,

    Kyle and Britany, Houston TX

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    My girlfriend suggested that I should check out your site, she even hinted at a particular
    ring. Beautiful she is, subtle she is not. Despite these hints, I pretended to ignore

    In one morning I made an offer, it was countered, I made another offer, it was countered, I made another offer, this offer was accepted. Within a week I had the ring, within a week and a day I was engaged. I still can’t believe that I was able to get a wedding engagement ring of this quality at this price. I guess somebody else’s bad luck was my gain.
    Great concept, great website.

    Neil H, San Diego CA

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    I just wanted to let you know that I am now wearing the most amazing 2.5 carat diamond
    engagement ring. My heart literally skipped a hundred beats when my boyfriend
    got down on one knee and proposed with the ring. My friends are very jealous
    and I can't believe how it shiny and sparkly it is, they would never believe me
    if I told them how much it cost. In fact I think I’ll keep this secret between
    Stephanie B, Pheonix AZ

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    I can’t stop staring at my new sparkly diamond engagement ring. It is
    amazing, Have You Seen the Ring is amazing. I really would like to express my
    gratitude, thanks to Have You Seen the Ring, my boyfriend and I managed to buy a
    wedding set that we never in our wildest dreams thought that we could afford to

    I feel very fortunate for stumbling across your site, naturally
    skeptical at first, I really appreciated Andy’s honesty. Far from being pushy,
    he provided a number of re-assurances, he even suggested that I check out the
    competition. I did, and I came back to your site pretty quickly.

    You have an awesome website, friendly and knowledgable staff, offered me
    piece of mind that other sites don’t or can’t. I received 5 star service and
    you met every guarantee that you made. I would recommend you to anyone.

    Rachel, Greensboro, North Carolina

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    Thanks Phil,
    To be completely honest, I was very skeptical when I first received an email from you. After doing a little research about your business and from having had some personal
    experiences with TRUSTe and Paypal for my own business, I know how difficult it
    is to get there approval. Because of your relationship with TRUSTe I decided to
    list with you. Within 3 weeks, my ring sold for a price far higher than I had been offered elsewhere. Everything about the sale went very smoothly. You have a brilliant website and a great team of people.
    I wish you continued success for 2012.

    Arnie D, Eugene OR

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    Nervous doesn’t even come close enough to describing how I felt about sending my old engagement ring to I actually hesitated in accepting a bid for this
    reason. Thankfully I was able to find enough positive information online about your business, I accepted the bid, received the money as promised on time. I am so pleased that you contacted me because I got over double the figure I had been offered by my local jeweler. I’m not sure that I trust the internet fully yet, but you have earned my trust. Andy / Leslie, thanks for all your support.

    Lisa J, Mansfield OH

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    Have You Seen the Ring has exceeded my expectations in the price that I could get for my unwanted engagement ring, speed of sale and overall level of customer support. I was extremely impressed with every aspect of my dealings with your business. I would suggest that
    anyone in a similar predicament to me should list your jewelry on

    Sarah B, Los Angeles CA

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    Hi Andy,
    People are only too quick to complain, but too few people are prepared to take the time to congratulate a job well done. You did a fantastic job!

    I sold my bridal set on the 5th day of it being listed and had the money in my account within a
    few days (it would have been quicker if I had sent the rings out immediately).
    A friend recommended that I should take a look at your site and I am so glad
    that I did.

    Julia, Park City, UT

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    Thanks for all your help Andy. Your advice in picking the perfect engagement ring resulted
    in an extremely happy girlfriend. She couldn’t be more pleased with the
    engagement ring that I bought (for a great deal) from Have You Seen the Ring
    and I can’t believe how easy it was to find the perfect ring.
    Alex, Athens, OH

  • Recent Testimonial

    Thank You ‘Have You Seen the Ring’, my girlfriend (now fiancé) is madly in love with
    the diamond wedding engagement ring that I bought from your site last week.

    After spending what felt like an eternity visiting local jewelry stores, disappointment
    followed disappointment, it was pretty clear that I did not have enough savings
    to buy the engagement ring and diamond that my girlfriend truly deserved.
    Luckily for me, a chance encounter with an old friend who mentioned what a
    great experience he had using your site led me to find potentially the bargain
    of my lifetime.

    I did get that ring she deserved, she did say yes, and Have You Seen the Ring did deliver on every promise they made to me. When it is time to upgrade her diamond, I know exactly where I will be buying it.

    Steve D, Philadelphia, PA

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