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  • Things to Consider When Picking a Wedding Venue

    My name is Hardy Klahold- I'm a wedding photographer living in Denver, Colorado. I'm German and when I proposed to my American wife, I was not aware of the routine I started with her, “YES”:
    After we set the budget, chose 2-3 possible dates, started a guest list, and decided on the wedding style, we had to find the perfect venue. 

    If you are in the same situation, you should give yourself a few weeks (1 to 3 max) to check and tour all of the possibilities, keep the numbers in mind, and picture your wedding day there. So what are you looking for? Look at your wedding as a picture. In this picture, you find yourself on your most important day in your life surrounded by all of your family and friends. Your wedding represents your style and the venue provides the frame of your wedding day. 

    If you have a simple and elegant wedding, you don't need a castle. Your country-style wedding fits best somewhere in the mountains, outside with a beautiful barn as a backdrop. If you prefer the urban-style elegant wedding, a rooftop right in the middle of downtown would be your place to be. It is important to set your to-do list right and everything else just falls into place.
    Sometimes my clients asked me for my favorite wedding venues, they want me to give them a referral. Of course I have my favorite venues where I shot weddings. There was castle Friedewald in Germany, built in 1491, which made for a beautiful backdrop for a wedding I shot. If you are more looking for a beach destination wedding, I love to shoot at the Kapalua Golf Club on Maui. 
    Maybe you are more the mountain wedding bride and you still like the elegance of a nice Hotel: I love to shoot weddings at “The Broadmoor Hotel” in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you want a spectacular mountain view, I recommend in the 5 star hotel, “The Little Nell” in Aspen and plan your ceremony on the wedding deck standing 11,212 ft high on top of the mountain.

    Whichever venue you pick, make sure it suits you, your budget, and your style.  I promise you that your wedding photos will show your special day in the most perfect way.

    For more information about myself and my services as a Denver wedding photographer, visit my website.

    Hardy Klahold Photography
    [p]  (720)936-8076

  • Wedding Colors: What's Hot in 2013 - What's Your Color?

    With the popularity of reality wedding shows, more and more couples are looking to have stylish weddings that are on trend. Trends in the wedding industry are most often derived from the worlds fashion and interior design. To determine what will be trending in the future, wedding professionals keep a close eye on what’s going on with the world and can predict the trends accordingly.

    Over the past month, jeweled tones have been spotted on runways all over the world. Colors such as emerald green, ruby red, deep purples and navy blues are starting to make their way into the wedding industry as well. Recently, David’s Bridal launched a line of bridesmaid’s dresses in jeweled tones and other designers are catching on to the trend. In fact, Pantone has named emerald green as the color of the year for 2013! There is no doubt that couples everywhere will be incorporating this deep green into their wedding color schemes this year. 

    What theme can you use with this color scheme? Peacock inspired wedding designs are right now! Peacock feathers make a perfect addition to bouquets and headpieces. There are also countless ways to incorporate peacock inspiration to your stationery designs. If you do plan on using this design for your wedding, be careful! It is easy for a beautiful design like peacock feathers to turn tacky when they are over used.  If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our peacock style pinboard on Pinterest!

    If you’re not a fan of the deep colors that are on trend, don’t fret!  There is another color that will be everywhere this year: lemon zest!  Bright yellow is known as a very emotional color, according to psychology experts it been known to encourage happiness and confidence. This makes it a very popular choice for weddings! Yellow is a very bold choice to include in your color scheme. If you are looking to make a statement, pair the lemon zest with poppy red or cobalt blue!  To calm the bright yellow down, include more neutral colors, such a black and grey. 

    Will you be planning your wedding around these color trends?  

    Today's guest blogger was Haley Evans, the owner and the lead coordinator at From Menus to Venues Wedding and Event Planning. Trained by some of the industry's most trusted professionals and studied at many of the leading professional institutes across Canada. Haley has and traveled internationally to meet with famous designers, planners and other industry professionals. She is also bilingual (English/French) and trained in first aid and CPR. No matter what might happen - your event is safe with From Menus to Venues Wedding and Event Planning!!!

    Haley Evans, WPICC
    From Menus to Venues Wedding and Event Planning

  • Have You Seen the Ring has posted on Facebook at January 25, 2013 at 04:44PM

    Tips From a Professional: Capturing the Beauty of Wedding Jewelry With a Lens Winners of 'The Best of The Knot North Carolina for 2011, 2012 & 2013', Greyson Steele Photography provide 10 top tips on taking photos of jewelry. To read more: Visit Greyson Steele Photography -
  • Tips From a Professional: Capturing the Beauty of Wedding Jewelry With a Lens

    Winners of 'The Best of The Knot North Carolina for 2011, 2012 & 2013',  as well as 'Wedding Wire's Bride's Choice Award for 2011, 2012 & 2013', today's guest blogger is Greyson Steele Photography.

    Greyson Steele are located in North Carolina and have kindly provided us with some easy to follow and imaginative wedding jewelry photography tips.

    Dawn Gaddy from Greyson Steele says "Some may find it difficult to photograph wedding rings & jewelry. But, we both personally love it… it gives you the opportunity to be super creative with the surroundings and available light you have.  It’s somewhat of a challenge and the creativity that comes out of those shots is absolutely gratifying. Everyone’s seen the rings on the piano keyboard shots… we do them too, clients love it…  But we love to be unique and really put some thought into these photos. 

    We offer 10 simple tips that will help you capture the beauty found in your wedding jewelry:

    1. No pun intended, think outside of the box
    2. Sometimes the box can make a great opportunity too
    3. Use available light sources to add amazing bokeh
    4. Use decorations and party favors
    5. Use invitations and place cards
    6. Rings in/on flowers are always gorgeous
    7. Include bridal accessories, shoes, veil, etc..
    8. Use down time at the reception to really take time to get these shots
    9. Reflections can make great ring shots
    10. Be creative!
    Even during engagement shoots, we always try to get a great shot of the ring, in a unique way. It truly emphasizes what that shoot is for.  
    Plus, what brides don’t want to show off the new karats!  And, when they see the artistry in these shots, they are in awe…. Or shall we say bedazzled by their bling!"
    Happy Bedazzling!!!
    Best of The Knot & Bride's Choice Wedding Wire
    Studio 704-821-2485

  • Finding it Difficult to Choose Your Wedding Photographer?

    Choosing a wedding photographer can be one of the most intensive and nerve racking parts of planning your wedding.  There are hundreds of wedding photographers available and each one has a different style, personality, price and trying to find the perfect one for you can be, well, time consuming.  Your end goal, of course, is to get the best wedding photographs possible based on your taste & personalities.  Just like a wedding dress, there is no one perfect wedding photographer for every client.  However, this means you also have a great opportunity to find that one unique individual who fits your style, budget and personality.

    When shopping for your wedding photographer, the first thing, obviously, you'll be drawn to is their work.  When you find a wedding photographer (or photographers) who really appeal to your sense of style, take the time to look through their blog, facebook pages or other photo galleries.  You want to make sure their work is consistent through several full weddings.  If you can locate a wedding they photographed at your venues, then even better as you can really get a feel for the work they'll produce for you.
    After you've narrowed down your choices based on their work, lineup consultations to meet the ones who you know are in your budget.  Many wedding photographers won't list their pricing on their website but, often, you can find a starting price either on their website or by email.  Meeting your photographer is, quite honestly, all about personality.  Your wedding photographer is around you and your fiance all day long even more then your family and new spouse.  Having a good relationship with your photographer is, more often then not, just as if not more important then how much you love their work.  If you are uncomfortable at all with them it will translate into the photos.
    If everything is a fit, the last important thing is to look at price. Generally speaking, the more experience a wedding photographer has, the more they will cost.  Experience is what sets decent wedding photographers aside from excellent ones!  Weddings are very, very fast paced and your wedding photographer needs to be two to three steps ahead all day so they can make sure to get those oh so important emotions & moments and capture them.  Once those have passed, they are impossible to recreate.
    Brian Mullins is a professional Raleigh wedding photographer with 8 years experience.  He has shot for both local and national magazines, won numerous awards, consults with several media & software companies and has shot weddings for over 8 years.
    Brian Mullins
  • Engagement Photo Shoots: A Rehearsal for the ‘Big Day

    Earlier this week we spoke with Emily Clack, a respected wedding photographer located in the Washington DC area. Emily was kind enough to share her views on the importance of engagement photo shoots and why photographers and couples alike always enjoy the engagement photo shoot experience.

    According to Emily: “Today, photographers are taking a fresh approach when taking engagement photos of newly engaged couples by incorporating beautiful and interesting scenery as well as mixing candid and posed moments. I strongly encourage couples to have an engagement photo session for several reasons:

    1. It’s a great way to get to know your photographer's style of shooting.
    2. It's also a great way for you, as a couple, to get comfortable being in front of a professional photographer's camera. 
    3. Having photos taken before your big day will build up a trust and familiarity with your photographer and your photographer will already have experience taking your picture prior to your wedding day.
    4. Most couples have not had professional photos of themselves before their wedding day. They can be used for Save The Dates, Wedding websites, Christmas cards, or just to have a few framed around your home.
    5. Engagement photo shoots are fun! They are laid back and an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours together - showing off your happiness.

    Engagement shoots are very enjoyable for me because I get to work with a great new couple each time and we can take our time during this shoot and go to a variety of locations, versus a wedding where the day is on a tight schedule. 

    What also makes an engagement photo shoot enjoyable is when my couples really get into the shoot and are over that initial nervous feeling of being in front of a camera while in a public setting. I especially love it when we can brainstorm about ideas together about what the next pose or location should be. I can tell when a couple becomes relaxed in front of the camera when they start doing things on their own - just being involved with themselves and being in love - and I no longer have to give any direction. This is when the beautiful moments happen - when you forget your photographer is even there and you are just being yourselves! Whether it's laughing together, holding hands, or getting lost in your partner's eyes - these images should be a reflection of your relationship together and love for one another."

    Check out Emily’s recent engagement photo shoot, which was featured on one of our favorite wedding blogs, ‘United With Love.
    About Emily: With a background in Graphic Design, she fell in love with photography and hasn’t looked back since. Emily says “I have a photojournalistic approach when it comes to shooting weddings. I like to let things happen and not interfere too much, because it is already a day filled with beautiful moments and details"
    If you want to view more of Emily’s beautiful photos or to contact here direct:
    Telephone: 804.931.7479
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