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  • Wedding Planning - Don't Forget the Love and Laughter!

    Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live

    Weddings symbolize love, laughter and appreciation. A lot of thought goes into personalizing your wedding day with details that reflect who you are, the love that you have for each other, and the gratitude of being able to share your wedding day with loved ones.

    As you plan your wedding, it is important to acknowledge the love and support you receive along the way.  There are many fun, unique and sincere ways to show your appreciation to family, friends, bridal party and your wedding team of professionals.
    The most traditional but tried, tested and true is the thank you card. Your guests have taken the time, effort and thought to celebrate your occasion with a gift so the thank you card should not be overlooked.  When is the appropriate time to send them out?  Thank you cards should be sent immediately after receiving a gift.  For wedding gifts, there is a small grace period but keep in mind that a thank you card should ideally be sent out within three months of your wedding. And you’ll be surprised how a simple card to your wedding team for a job well done can go such a long way, as well. 
    As a host/hostess you are responsible for the comfort of your guests throughout the day and evening. Consider the various events and where you can add your personal touch to enhance your guests’ experience.  Something as simple as amenity baskets in the restrooms can end up being a thoughtful, and much appreciated gesture for those small yet personal emergencies.

    Photo Credit: Xero Digital
    If the day promises to be hot, and you are asking your guests to participate in an outdoor Ceremony then you may want to consider setting up a water table, or offer parasols to create some shade, or even hand out freshly squeezed lemonade or snow cones to guests as they arrive.
    For cooler weather then shawls for the ladies would be a nice touch, and a great way to incorporate your color scheme.

    Though careful planning, and time management for this next idea is a must, your guests will truly appreciate the extra effort, and sincerity when they find a personalized note tucked into their napkin at their place setting.  What a lovely way to start the evening! Another popular trend for later in the evening is having baskets of flipflops setup by the dance floor – a great treat for dancing feet!

    Photo Credit: Joseph+Jaime
    We’re huge fans of the welcome basket delivered to hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests. Adding a list of restaurants, and attractions to see during their stay is especially great for first time visitors to your city.  Consider what your city or location is most well known for and run with it!  Be sure to inquire with the hotel if there is an additional charge to have these boxes/baskets delivered to each room.   
    Don’t forget the little guests!  Wedding days are long days no matter your age. Having professional child care service available is a win for the children, and a win for the parents. If budget is a concern then you can still keep your little guests entertained with child friendly favors or personalized activity boxes at their place setting.  If there is ample space then a craft table with coloring books, puzzles, and activities can be the perfect hangout!
    And finally, a lot of care and thought should be invested in finding a gift for your parents, and wedding party.  After all, they have, most likely, been your main support since your engagement!  Not to mention the number of meetings, planned or unplanned, that they were a part of. From theatre tickets to photo books to custom cufflinks to jewelry to personalized note cards the gift options are endless.
    If you begin to feel overwhelmed with the idea of how to thank so many people then remember the old adage, it is the thought that counts.  The appreciation we share, and how we share it is entirely up to you but it all comes from the same place…from the heart.
    Simply Perfect specializes in wedding day management and coordination.  We are built on family based values and worldwide expertise which allows us to provide our couples with the reassurance that their wedding day will unfold as they envision.  Jodi Gagné is recognized as an Accredited Bridal Consultant™ and a Certified Sandals Specialist™.  In 2012, Jodi was appointed as ABC East Canada Coordinator and is responsible for members in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.  She has been a proud member of The Association of Bridal Consultants since 1999.
    Contact Jodi Gagné at 905.883.9525 or or visit our website at

  • Wedding Trends of 2013

    By Debra Michelle Hiebert
    Owner, Tres Fabu Event Planning and Design

    Weddingplanning season has fully arrived and I am excited to make this year’s trends come to life! As a wedding and event designer for the past 16 years, I always look forward to hearing what my brides and grooms have in store for me. Each year brings new ideas and an opportunity to create something fabulous!


    Bolds are back, especially primary colors.
    Classic black and white weddings are very popular right now but as we get into Spring and Summer, get ready for COLOR! Purples and Pinks are being paired with green, with red, and with chocolate brown. Green is showing up with orange and brown. Colors will be bold throughout the wedding décor—in florals, cakes, linens, bridesmaid gowns, and invitations/programs.

    Patterns are also bold.
    We’re seeing damask again (LOVE IT!) and chevron (classic zigzag) everywhere…brides are having fun with patterns of all colors. They’ll show up in table runners, cakes, invites, floral ribbons, favors, bowties, you name it. What about polka dots, you ask? Perhaps!
    Mixing and Matching is more.

    It’s something we all love to do but can we get away with it? The answer is yes! We can! Couples are mixing and matching with their floral arrangements and with linen patterns. Maybe a bride’s bouquet will be monochromatic while bridesmaids will carry mixed and matched arrangements. Linens can be a combination of different textures and patterns and create a beautiful table. Possibilities are endless!



    Gatsby Glamour? Yes!
    Is it a coincidence that The Great Gatsby movie will be released this May?! Brides are loving the glamour of the Roaring Twenties with the ‘Old Hollywood’ feel and the art deco-inspired décor. The headbands are large, the handbags small, lace is abundant, and so are gold, silver, crystal, diamonds, and pearls. It’s feminine; it’s lovely; and in a designer’s world, it’s fun fun fun! Mark our words as well, that the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby movie will go to the #1 slot on Billboard and you will hear some of these songs spun into the wedding reception celebrations, indeed! JayZ, Kanye West, Jack White, Frank Ocean, Prince, Lady Gaga and Florence and The Machine; and oh so much. It will be a paramount playlist for 2013 and beyond!

    A step back…to the 30s and 40s!
    Vintage is still among us! Beautiful lace gowns embellished with heavy beading…antique tabletop décor and tableware…mint green and muted tones throughout. Florals are simple, such as: roses, freesia, and lisianthus…creating a ‘fresh from the garden’ look. Vintage light bulbs hanging outside in a garden wedding…tiered cakes with simple designs and elegant flowers. Pure romance!

    Debra Michelle Hiebèrt
    Event Designer and Producer
    Servicing the entire West Coast ~ Canada to Cabo!
    ~ Enjoy Kasie & Thomas' film snippet of their Fairytale Wedding!

  • Ring Earrings or Necklace? Finding the Perfect Jewelry for Your Bridesmaids

    Today's blog post comes from Anna Knight, a lead contributor to SimplyBridal. is a Los Angeles-based online retailer for quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding accessories. 

    SimplyBridal's dresses have been featured on Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, and Rock n Roll Bride. In addition to providing quality bridal products, they also create infographics and downloadable's that have been on shown Huffington Post Weddings and SimplyBridal ship to North America, Western Europe, and parts of Asia.

    The days of giving your bridesmaids matching jewelry are long gone. Now brides are giving out jewelry to match their bridesmaids’ personalities and their dresses. Giving them jewelry in this manner will allow them to appreciate the gesture even more because you thought about each one of their likes and dislikes before giving them their gifts.

    Statement Ring

    A statement ring is perfect for the bridesmaid that likes to make a statement in an unexpected manner. This ring works well with expressive bridesmaids. By expressive we mean, she puts her whole body, especially her hands, to work whenever she is telling a story. So giving her a statement ring will really give her something to talk about.


    Every bride has that one friend that can wear a pair of earrings like nobody’s business. Now, think about what her favorite pair of earrings are and give her a set that resembles them. If you’re still stumped as to what kind of earrings are best for her, then look no further than her hairstyle. Does she have short hair, long hair or does she wear it pulled back? There’s nothing like beautiful, face-framing earrings for short hair and we love it when diamond studs peek out from a long curtain of hair.


    Necklaces are perfect for bridesmaids that like to wear simple clothes but use necklaces to dress up their outfits. We think necklaces are the most versatile piece of jewelry because you can use them to dress up an outfit and the same necklace can be paired with an evening gown or jeans and a t-shirt. This is the safest bet if you aren’t sure what type of jewelry to purchase for a bridesmaid.

    Ladies love jewelry and we love it even more when is has been selected specifically for us. Give your bridesmaids jewelry to tell them “Thank You.” Trust us, when we say they won’t lament that the days of matching gifts are long gone.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

    Today's guest blog comes from Jennifer Buenviaje, co-owner of "Makeup for Your Day", a leading makeup artists and stylists business based out of North Carolina. MYD has received the Best of Weddings by The Knot award for the past three years, Wedding Wire's Bride's Choice Awards for the past four and numerous other specialty tokens, as well.

    When planning your wedding, you may not have budgeted a professional hair and makeup artist yet. Hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day could be the best decision you make in your planning process.

    1) Photography: Most people can do their own makeup well from the practice of doing it everyday, but very few people actually know how makeup is going to transfer to photography – this is why you need an expert. You want to look and feel your best the day of your wedding, and love the photos afterwards. Professionals will ensure that this happens for you through extensive knowledge of beauty photography as well as using different types of makeup to achieve your wedding look (such as airbrush makeup, various blushes, contouring and highlighting techniques, etc.).

    2) Lighting: Professional makeup artists take into account a variety of lighting scenarios. A makeup artist will know what to do so that your makeup looks good in person, in photographs and in HD videos if you are in a church, in outdoor lighting, indoors or in dark venues.

    3) Videography: Video is now shot in HD and therefore, makeup has to accommodate for this need to look seamless in high definition.
    This means that makeup needs to be much lighter weight so that it is undetectable to the camera. In high definition, colors show up much more vibrantly, versus in photographs or real life where color gets washed out. A professional makeup artist will know how to balance the mediums so that you will look flawless in real life and in high definition.

    4) Longevity: is especially important on your wedding day. Your wedding day is the best day of your life, but it is also one of the longest days of your life. Professional makeup artists take into account that you will be getting ready long before your event and that your event will last for hours. Professional makeup artists have extensive knowledge on the right products to use, such as stains, setting sprays and special powders to lock in the color and make sure nothing fades throughout the day. This will ensure that you look just as fresh at the end of the reception as when you first walked down the aisle.

    5) Comfort: Professional makeup artists will provide the option of having a trial. This is a great way to take your hair makeup for a test run. This will ensure that all of the colors look the way you want and that your hair looks exactly how you want it to.  This will save time the day of by not having to make too many adjustments on your wedding day when you are on a strict timeline. Professional makeup artists will provide you with a beautiful, wearable look that won’t transfer onto clothing, whether it be onto your white dress, or guests when you hug them. 

    A wedding is an extremely special occasion. Once you get your photos back you want them to be something you cherish and look upon fondly. They will be your memories and what you show to friends, family members, and those that couldn’t attend your wedding. This is why it is important to make sure you look and feel your best. 

    Jennifer Buenviaje
    Owner | Artist | Stylist
    Makeup for Your Day

  • Diamond Dog: Happy Valentine's Day

    Check out the 'Diamond Dog Blog'

    Apparently she's been having a ruff Valentines day.

  • Valentine's Day - The Hallmark Conspiracy

    Like many people, I have always been suspicious of the origins of Valentine’s Day. Previously without spending anytime whatsoever researching the subject, I simply assumed that it was just another ‘special’ day created by Hallmark to sit alongside ‘The Sweetest Day – Oct 19th’,’Friendship Day – August 4th’ or even ‘Toe Nail Picking Day – July 7th’.
    However, I was pleasantly surprised to read that the origins date back centuries, rather than just the creation of Hallmark. Valentine was a third century Roman priest who held secret marriages ceremonies when the act of marriage was prohibited for young men. When Valentines actions were discovered, he was sentenced to death by the Roman Emperor Claudius II.
    Whilst awaiting his fate in prison, it is said that Valentine used his saintly abilities to heal the jailer’s daughter who was blind. Naturally they fell in love. Before being sent to his death on February 14th 270 AD, he wrote a letter to the jailer’s daughter and signed it "From your Valentine," an expression that is still in use today.
    Over a thousand years later, during the 14th century St. Valentine's Day finally became definitively associated with love and romance. In medieval France and England it was believed that birds mated on February 14, Chaucer used the image of birds as the symbol of lovers in poems dedicated to the day… hence the term ‘lovebirds’.

    During the Middle Ages, Valentine became one of the most popular saints in England and France. The Christian church even attempted to sanctify the holiday. The holiday continued to evolve over the centuries and by the 18th century, gift-giving and exchanging hand-made cards on Valentine's Day had become common in England.

    Over time, this tradition spread to the American colonies and by the1840s Valentine's Day greeting cards began to be commercially produced in the United States.

    Valentine’s Day cards represent a quarter of all cards sent each year (1 billion cards), making it the second largest card sending holiday after Christmas.

    Whether or not the above story changes your views on Valentine’s day, Have You Seen the Ring would like to wish a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

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    Happy Valentine's Day! Love prevails.
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    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Share your romantic valentine's day stories with us!!
  • Chelsea Boehler: Quest for a Wedding Venue

    Having trouble finding your perfect wedding venue? Chelsea Boehler from Dream Team Events offers her advice on the important factors to consider.

    Deciding on a venue for your wedding might be the hardest part of planning a wedding. It seems like it would be easy, but in today’s wedding culture the sky is the limit and many non-traditional wedding venues have opened such as barns and tree farms. In fact, most weddings are now held not in churches but in private sector venues.

    This Saloon is part of the Postelwait’s CountryWeddings located in Canby, OR.

    The main factors for determining your wedding venue are:  

    • Cost/budget
    • Location
    • Convenience (parking, ADA compliance)
    • Ambiance
    • Your personalities. 

    The options are vast ranging from warehouses and lofts to beaches and 5-star hotels.  I help my clients narrow down their options by asking a number of simple questions about how they envision their big day. Are they want to be outside or inside? Riding into the ceremony on a horse drawn carriage? What are your favorite activities? Do you like the movies? Do you snow camp or mountain climb? Is your favorite thing going to the spa? Is your favorite place the beach or your parent’s backyard? Are you wine connoisseurs? Do you love sailing? Where did you first meet and what did you do for your first date? 

    All of these questions help to narrow a couple’s vision down to who they are, how they want to represent themselves and how they want to celebrate their day with their friends and family. I am a true believer that people are most comfortable and will have more fun in a place they feel safe and that feels familiar. If you can choose such a place you will be more relaxed and have a much better experience.

    Once you have your dream venue in mind it’s time to think about all of the other factors. If your venue is specific, like a hut on a mountain, you won’t have as many options. 

    TimberlineLodge and Silcox Hut Weddings

    It’s time to test the venue, and ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Does it fit our budget?
    2. Does it include catering or can I pick my own caterer?
    3. Will I need additional rental items for this venue and do those things fit our budget?
    4. Is it convenient for all of our guests?
    5. Is it easy to find?
    6. Are there any limitations with the venue and do those limit what we want to do there?
    7. Does the capacity of the venue allow for all of my guests or will I have to limit our guest list?
    8. Is the ambiance what I really want for the ceremony and reception?
    9. Will I have to pick a separate ceremony and reception venue or is it all inclusive for both?
    10. Will they allow all of the vendors I would like to use?
    11. Do they have ample parking for our guests?

    After you answer the questions, if the venue fails the test, look for other options that might be in the same type of category of venue. If the property your aunt said you could use won’t work, look into area venues like barns and farms that may work better and already have what you need on site. If you want a beach theme but don’t want to be on sand, maybe a yacht is the way to go. 

    Wish lanterns floating out over the sea off the side of a yacht courtesy of Wishlantern

    Venue selection is like finding a shoe that fits, you will know it when you try it on. Don’t just pick a place by the visual displays online. You need to go to the venue and take a tour, preferably at the same time of year you will be married. Ask for references from past couples and do your research. 

    If you are using a wedding planner, this is when you can utilize this person to get answers to your big questions before you go. Your wedding planner is also a great resource for already knowing what a venue includes in their packaging and the price you will pay for their services. Most wedding planners have toured multiple sites and have worked at dozens of locations and will know firsthand what it is like there.

    If you need help planning your wedding we would love to be of assistance to you.  Please check out our website at  Happy Wedding Planning!

    Chelsea Boehler
    "Best Wedding Planner in Canby" by The Wedding Industry Expert Awards 2012
    Dream Team Events LLC
    o.  (503) 522-7680
  • Libby Marenoski: The Importance of Bridal Makeup

    It’s the moment you have been waiting for, the moment when the door is about to slowly open so you can walk down the aisle.  You glance around at everything that you’ve thoroughly planned through your sheer white veil thinking about how you have dreamed of this moment since you were a little girl.   
    The man you have dreamed of is waiting for you, the people you love surrounding you as you feel the soft fabric and the delicate embroidery of your dress flowing behind you.  Your hair is in soft elegant curls intricately placed.  
    You want every single moment remembered, photographed, videotaped.  This is the moment when you will appreciate yourself for getting the perfect bridal makeup.  
    Your timeless bridal makeup that reflects who you are and gracefully brings out your inner beauty; living on through your photographs.  The same photographs that you will proudly show your children and their children. 
    Wedding Wire’s 2013 Brides Choice Award Winner, Top Wedding Makeup Looks makeup artists knows and understands how important this moment is. 
    Enduring.  Elegant. Timeless.  These words are what you imagine when you create the image of your beautiful wedding day.  These are also the same words that should describe your bridal makeup.  We have a creative understanding of the color wheel as well as symmetry/coordination and great attention to detail that generates limitless possibilities.  Top Wedding Makeup Looks differentiates itself by providing its customers with undeniably comprehensive customer service, a passionate, eager team, and results that will truly amaze you.  We have always set ourselves apart with our professional makeup service with benefits and features that are not offered anywhere else!!
    Libby Marenoski
    Top Wedding Makeup Looks
    Owner, Chief Makeup Artist
    Need Special Event Makeup?  Ask us for details

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