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  • Key Learnings We Have Made From Our Item Verification Step

    As mentioned in a previous blog article, since our inception in 2010, Have You Seen the Ring includes a verification step in our sales process which has benefited both buyer and seller.

    Along the way, we have made a number of observations about the information contained in sellers’ listings. We’d like to share some of these learning’s with you.

    Evidence of a GIA, AGS or IGI Certificate is GREAT
    Items that contain information taken directly from a GIA, AGS, or IGI certificate in the listing and include further evidence of this certificate in the listing, such as a photo of the certificate or the certificate number, are accurate.

    When we sell an item that contains this information we are very happy as we know that the information contained in this listing will be accurate 100% of the time.

    What to Expect With Evidence of an EGL Certificate

    Items that contain information taken directly from a EGL certificate in the listing and include further evidence of this certificate in the listing, such as a photo of the certificate or the certificate number, will be marginally over stated.

    EGL is a popular and respected diamond authority, however the EGL grading of diamonds is not as accurate as an GIA grading.

    If a diamond was graded an ‘F’ color by the GIA, most likely it will be graded an ‘E’ color by the EGL.
    If a diamond was graded an ‘SI2’ clarity by the GIA, most likely it will be graded an ‘SI1’ color by the EGL

    We normally expect at least one of these categories to have been overstated by the EGL, in the past it was a sneaky method taken by the EGL to sell more diamonds.

    Evidence of an Appraisal by an Independent GIA Graduate Gemologist
    We expect a similar high quality listing to that of a diamond that includes a GIA certification.

    Evidence of an Appraisal by a non independent gemologist
    Any appraisal provided by gemologist who has a vested interest in the sale is deemed to be non independent.

    What we often find is that the carat size is marginally overstated, for example a 1.35 carat diamond graded by an experienced independent GIA graduate gemologist will be appraised up to 1.37 carats by a non independent appraiser.

    Likewise would expect an item that is listed as E color to be actually be F, we anticipate a VS1 clarity listing to be VS2.

    No Certificate or Appraisal Provided
    Surprisingly the information contained in these listings tend to be as accurate, if not more so than a listing which includes an appraisal from a non independent gemologist

    Sellers Provide Information as Accurately as they Possibly Can
    Items that are listed on HYSTR have been reviewed and manually approved.
    An item that looks suspicious is not approved.
    As a result, we find that the information contained in a live listing is accurate to the best of the seller’s knowledge.

    If there is inaccurate information, this has come from an unscrupulous, non independent appraiser, who has marginally overstated the size and quality of the diamond for their financial benefit.


    1. You must be nuts if you are buying expensive jewelry online that hasn’t been verified
    2. Look for jewelry that comes with a GIA, AGS or IGI certificate
    3. EGL certified jewelry isn’t not graded as strictly as other diamond labs (GIA, AGS or IGI)
    4. Appraisals from non independent gemologists are marginally overstated
    5. Approved sellers provide information that is accurate to their knowledge

  • Why Have You Seen the Ring Has a Verification Step

    Since our inception in 2010, Have You Seen the Ring has employed a verification step in our sales process, which has benefited both buyer and seller.

    The benefit to the buyer is pretty simple; it is a guarantee.

    By verifying each item sold through the site, we ensure that the buyer gets exactly the same item that they fell in love with and paid for.

    Buying online things online, whether it is bubble gum, clothes or jewelry has a number of risks.

    Have You Seen the Ring uses this verification step to remove many of the risks and to provide a pleasant buying experience.

    The verification step also benefits the seller. By creating a trusted environment, and with a guarantee of authenticity, we have developed a new market. Without the perceived risks, a buyer is willing to pay more for a pre-owned item that they would have otherwise. In addition, people who would have previously avoided purchasing jewelry online are now more open-minded.

    In short, the verification step creates more buyers who are willing to pay more for your jewelry.

    How & What We Verify

    Each item sold on Have You Seen the Ring is verified by an independent GIA graduate gemologist, Lisa Kranz.

    With over 30 years in the industry, Lisa has been a trusted appraiser for all possible sectors of the industry including retailers, banks, police departments, insurance companies and the U.S. customs services.

    GIA Graduate Gemologists are recognized globally as the leading authority on gemology, diamond grading, jewelry education and research. Graduate Gemologists are considered to be the most educated and ethical professionals within the jewelry industry. Lisa is no exception. Actually she is just exceptional, in her spare time she also trains support dogs for which is a fantastic, not for profit organization.

    To ensure that there is no bias involved, Lisa inspects the item without any prior information. It’s kind of like a blind tasting challenge, except the taster can see. Afterall, We don’t want to lose any diamonds do we!

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  • Haley Evans: Money Saving Engagement Tips

    It's the time of year when engagement season is wrapping up! Couples are starting to shake off the excitement of their engagement and realize the financial realities of paying for a wedding. The truth is, you will likely spend more money on your wedding than you will on any other day of your life! In fact, the average Canadian wedding costs approximately $27,000 - that's a lot of money! 
    It's fine to spend some money celebrating your relationship and your future, but it's far more important to acknowledge what that dollar amount looks like as a small piece of a very big puzzle. Paying for a wedding should never make it so that you can't live married life the way you want to financially. Don't stress - you can still stay within budget and throw a stunning wedding!

    Managing Costs: Establish Who Is Paying What

    Before starting any of your wedding planning, it is important to figure out who is contributing to your wedding and what exactly that means. If your families plan on pitching in, sit down with them and find out exactly what they plan on giving you and when they plan on giving it to you. This conversation can be a little awkward so be sure to have no expectations, be gracious and show gratitude.  Once you establish this you can take a better look at your budget.
    Cutting Costs: The Engagement Ring
    Engagement rings have become a status symbol but they still need to fit your budget. There will always be something nicer and more expensive when it comes to jewelry but it is extremely important to stay firm to your budget. I have seen so many couples splurge on a ring and regret it after having to cut out something special on the wedding day. 
    If you are set on a big, expensive engagement ring, look online! The internet is a wonderful thing. Websites like eBay, Kijiji and Have You Seen The Ring make buying a used engagement ring is easy and very inexpensive.
    Cutting Costs: Set Your Priorities
    There are a lot of details when it comes to wedding planning. You have flowers, cake, attire, entertainment, catering (the list goes on and on). It is really important to determine what is important to you and your fiance. Some brides put little importance on their wedding gown and would rather spend their money on good food for the reception. Other brides spend more on their gown than any other aspect of the wedding! Sit down with your fiance and rank all of the aspects of weddings and determine what the top three most important things are for you. This will help you decide where to spend your budget.
    Cutting Costs: Hire a Wedding Planner  
    Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty Canada says "One of the best tips that I give all brides is to hire a wedding planner, because a good wedding planner can save you time and money spent on making uneducated decisions and costly mistakes." 
    There is a misconception that hiring a wedding planner is a luxury for brides with a huge budget. This couldn't be more wrong! Hiring a wedding planner will ALWAYS save you money! We have connections and are expert negotiators when it comes to dealing with vendors and making contracts. Even if we can't get you a deal with vendors, we know the wedding industry and have the knowledge to make sure you make the best financial decisions possible. 
    Weddings are expensive, but celebrating your big day does not have to put you in debt. Hopefully these tips will help you save some money on your wedding day! 

    Haley Evans, WPICC
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