Why Have You Seen the Ring Has a Verification Step

Since our inception in 2010, Have You Seen the Ring has employed a verification step in our sales process, which has benefited both buyer and seller.

The benefit to the buyer is pretty simple; it is a guarantee.

By verifying each item sold through the site, we ensure that the buyer gets exactly the same item that they fell in love with and paid for.

Buying online things online, whether it is bubble gum, clothes or jewelry has a number of risks.

Have You Seen the Ring uses this verification step to remove many of the risks and to provide a pleasant buying experience.

The verification step also benefits the seller. By creating a trusted environment, and with a guarantee of authenticity, we have developed a new market. Without the perceived risks, a buyer is willing to pay more for a pre-owned item that they would have otherwise. In addition, people who would have previously avoided purchasing jewelry online are now more open-minded.

In short, the verification step creates more buyers who are willing to pay more for your jewelry.

How & What We Verify

Each item sold on Have You Seen the Ring is verified by an independent GIA graduate gemologist, Lisa Kranz.

With over 30 years in the industry, Lisa has been a trusted appraiser for all possible sectors of the industry including retailers, banks, police departments, insurance companies and the U.S. customs services.

GIA Graduate Gemologists are recognized globally as the leading authority on gemology, diamond grading, jewelry education and research. Graduate Gemologists are considered to be the most educated and ethical professionals within the jewelry industry. Lisa is no exception. Actually she is just exceptional, in her spare time she also trains support dogs for http://www.supportdogs.org/ which is a fantastic, not for profit organization.

To ensure that there is no bias involved, Lisa inspects the item without any prior information. It’s kind of like a blind tasting challenge, except the taster can see. Afterall, We don’t want to lose any diamonds do we!

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