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    Don’t you think this wedding set would look gorgeous paired with a beaded gown? #wedding #dress #engagementring
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    • Have you been ring shopping with your significant other? Trying to gauge what style of ring they will like best? We have tons of options that will work well for you and your special someone, even on a tight budget. #wedding #engagement #rings
  • Is a 1st look session for you

    Traditionally, couples didn’t see each other before the ceremony. This dates back to the days of arranged marriages - the woman was heavily veiled and the couple-to-be didn’t see each other until they were at the altar, just in case the wife wasn’t much to look at ... Horrible, right? However since you already HAVE seen each other, you can forget about this whole “bad luck to see each other before the ceremony” business. If you want to see each other, go for it.
    Some couples worry that seeing each other will take anything away from walking down the aisle towards each other – it doesn’t. You’ll try as hard to keep it together as if you hadn’t seen each other.  Trust me, I’ve seen it. And photographed it.
    Now what exactly is a first look session?  It is a moment that is carved out just for the two of you. Away from your guests & the rush of last minute details. A moment to enjoy together before you say “I do”.  And a moment for me to sneak incredible pictures of the two of you.

    Another cool bit about you seeing each other before the ceremony is that it lends itself to a much smoother flow for family pictures because we do those right after our first look session thus freeing you from any further formals after the wedding ceremony. In short: you’re going to be able to join cocktail hour and hang out with all your friends & family and actually enjoy your wedding.

    I’ll be honest - as a wedding photographer, I LOVE when a bride and groom see each other before the ceremony but in the end, it doesn't matter because it’s not my day. It’s yours.  There is no “right and wrong”, just what feels right to the two of you. So many times couples ask me “is this how you do it?” or think there are rules to weddings (can’t see groom before, must throw bouquet, can’t be seen together as a couple until the grand entrance) but what it comes to is this: Do what makes you happy.
    Enjoy & happy wedding planning!
    Kat – Kingdom Wedding Photography by Kat
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    What do you think of this ring? We think it is just beautiful and elegant: #wedding #ring
  • Q and A with Ian Holmes - Paris Wedding Photographer

    Q) What are the most challenging aspects of taking photos of wedding jewelry?
    A) I remember whilst studying in photography school I had several studio classes on how to photograph jewelry. One thing I had in class which I certainly don't have at a wedding is time. At school we would spend an entire afternoon manipulating lighting and composition to create a couple of photos. When it comes to photographing the rings on a wedding day I allow myself around 5 minutes to find nice light and an interesting way of presenting them. I always enjoy the challenge and now actually look forward to my 5 minutes of jewelry photography. I try and do something a little different for each and every wedding.

    Q) Working in the 'city of love' you are obviously spoilt for choice when it comes to romantic locations. Do you have any personal favorites?
    A) It's true I am spoilt being a photographer in Paris. One of favorite, my most romantic images was taken just recently during an elopement. The location was an old railway bridge with the Eiffel Tower in background. Very cliched. I did set the scene a little, had our driver park the Rolls just where I wanted it and moved the couple into position on the bridge. However the couple were so caught up in one another they just began dancing then the groom began lifting up his new bride. At that moment at old gentleman was crossing the bridge in the background. The scene was so romantic and so Paris.
    Q) Being a professional photographer is pretty cool, what are the things you love about the most?
    A) I have a couple of favorite things about being a photographer. Firstly I really love meeting the many people I get to work with each year. I'm invited into one of the most important days of their life. To document it. To meet their families. To really get to connect with the people within that short amount of time I spend with them. Its quite an honour. Also I love being able to see Paris through new eyes. My clients are constantly pointing out the beauty of the city. It stops me ever taking it for granted.

    Q) How important is it to understand the personality of a bride and groom when taking photos of the big day?
    A) I think understanding your clients is a big part of any business, particularly important when you're a photographer documenting the day of a bride and groom. Without sounding too sure of myself I believe one of my strengths is understanding people and helping put them at ease. I have a very laid back way of working. I've been in front of the camera on several occasions and understand entirely that it's not easy for everyone. Part of my job is to help make my clients feel comfortable enough so that together we can create the best images possible.

    If you are considering a romantic breakaway in Paris, why not also get a professional to capture some of the most memorable moments? Ian Holmes can be contacted at the following:
    Contact: Ian Holmes

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