Three Creative and Delicious Wedding Cake Ideas

When it comes to getting married, aesthetics mean everything. There is a lot of attention dedicated to finding the perfect wedding venue, designing the event, determining the menu and finding inventive ways to avoid inviting those crazy family members.

One important wedding factor is the cake. Although a cake should always be tasty, a cake that fits your theme can turn an ordinary wedding into an exceptional event.   Some cakes, such as white cakes, work well for almost any wedding—but in case you’re searching for something suiting, here is a guide for finding some creative and delicious wedding cake ideas. 
A Beach-Themed Wedding Cake 

In case your wedding will be held on the beach, make sure to be appropriate by having not only beach-themed décor, but a beach-themed cake as well. This doesn’t mean that the cake should taste of sand, rather that you can accomplish this by using aqua or blue icing and seashell designs on your cake in corals and peaches.  Additionally, you can add hints of white swirls on your beach-themed wedding cake. 
A Formal-Themed Wedding Cake

If you are holding a wedding with a more formal theme, then an elegant black and white cake is the perfect choice for you. With intricate black floral designs and black bows, this cake option is absolutely perfect. Your guests will notice a sense of class simply by eyeing your sweet and sophisticated cake. 
A Fall-Themed Wedding Cake

Are you and your fiancée getting married during the fall? What a beautiful time of the year to get married. Fall has gorgeous colors to incorporate into your cake, such as rich reds, gold, orange, greens, and browns. By adding a bit of these colors to your cake, you’ll set the theme effortlessly. This can be achieved by adding artificial floral stems around specific areas of the cake or by selecting appropriate icing colors. Another idea is using leaf decorations made out of icing for your fall wedding cake. 
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