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  • Beautiful and Exotic Honeymoon Locations

    During the first vacation you spend with your new spouse, you will want to make it as special as possible. After all, you have put a ton of thought into everything surrounding the wedding, including the ceremony, guest list, and even the used engagement rings. If you are struggling to find a great place to have your honeymoon, here is a list of beautiful and exotic locations. 


    Aloha! Welcome to your honeymoon. Hawaii is a great place to stay after you get married. Waikiki and Honolulu are both breathtaking places. You can find many gorgeous Waikiki honeymoon hotels  that will allow you to see the ocean from the balcony or have easy access to the beach. Honolulu also has beautiful sunsets and plenty of things to do. In Hawaii, you will feel closer to your loved one than ever, while you both take in the unbelievable sights and escape from the grind of daily life. 

    Sri Lanka

    If you and your spouse enjoy the beauty of nature, you will undoubtedly love what Sri Lanka has to offer. This island country is located in the Indian Ocean. For an exotic place to have your honeymoon, Sri Lanka is a great decision. In this part of the world, you will not only be able to relax by the beach, but you can experience a world much different than your own. Sri Lanka has breathtaking scenery, exciting outdoor adventures, and fabulous food.


    If you have a bit longer to honeymoon, Australia should be at the top of your list. If you have wanted to see some of the greatest sunsets on earth while holding your partner’s hand, visit Cable Beach in Broome, Australia. Sydney and Melbourne are bustling cities full of European charm.  All of Australia will provide you with the rest and relaxation you are looking for.

    These are only three recommended places to go for your honeymoon. Even if you have both purchased used engagement rings and did all that you could to make your wedding more affordable, cost can sometimes be an issue with honeymoons. Weigh your options and create a list of places you would both like to go to. This will help in creating an incredible honeymoon that both of you will enjoy. 

  • How to be Photo-Ready for your Wedding

    You might have everything set up for your special day: the pre owned engagement rings, the guest list, and the food for the wedding. But when it comes to having a wedding, the photographs are extremely important. You are going to want to have pictures that you can reflect on for years after you have tied the knot. Your photographs will serve as beautiful reminders of one of the best days of your life. It takes a lot of planning to have fantastic photographs of your big day. If you want to be photo-ready for your wedding, follow the tips below and you will be sure to have photographs that leave you breathless. 

    1) Think about your makeup choices. 

    Even if you don't normally wear makeup, it is a wise idea to invest in a few beauty products. For example, some face primers work very to smooth lines and color variations when applied before foundation.   This will come in handy if you are having a wedding outside or during the summertime. Look for primers that reduce shine and leave makeup lasting longer to ensure that your look lasts all day. 

    2) Create an essential list of wedding shots. 

    If you want to ensure that each and every picture comes out well for the wedding, develop a list of shots that you wish to capture. Here are some questions you should ask yourself ahead of time: 
    • Where do I want to have wedding shots taken? 
    • Are there any landmarks at the wedding venue that are ideal for photographs?  
    • Is there a certain location which has a specific meaning to me? (For example, was your first kiss with your soon-to-be husband underneath a particular tree where you are holding the wedding?)
    • Who do you want included in your pictures?
    • Do I want pictures of myself and the bridal party getting ready for the wedding?

    These are only a few photography questions to ask yourself before your wedding. Also, think about whether or not you want wedding pictures taken before or after the ceremony. 

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