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  • Valentine's Day: In the age of e-commerce, everything's for sale - including your grandma's engagement ring

    In the aftermath of the recession, we've learned to do more with the things we already own. The sharing economy has people monetizing their time with TaskRabbit, turning their cars into ersatz taxis and transforming second bedrooms into inns with AirBnB. We've also learned how to give up the stuff that had sentimental - rather than utilitarian - value.  One of the best examples of this trend is the emergence of a vibrant market for second hand engagement rings. 
    Owners of unneeded engagement rings, whether from divorce or a family member's collection, often choose to sell these valuable items.  When traditional local options (Craigslist, pawn shops, or local jewelers) only provide 20-40% of the item's value, savvy sellers turn to online specialty retailers.  According to Philip Johnson, CEO of Have You Seen the Ring, by utilizing these secure peer-to-peer marketplaces, sellers can receive up to 60% more for their pre-owned jewelry. 
    This trend has also translated into big savings for Valentine's Day buyers of pre-owned engagement rings.  As the spend on an engagement ring has climbed to $4,000 (source: Jewelers of America), thrifty couples have chosen pre-owned rings and diamonds as a way to save money without compromising quality or style. According to Johnson, "a 1 carat round diamond in a halo setting that would retail for $6,500 at a local jeweler, can sell for as little as $3,300." 
    The peer-to-peer market for pre-owned rings continues to boom, and it turns out the stigma attached to proposing with a used engagement ring hasn't stopped buyers. For buyers who are concerned about buying pre-owned , Johnson offers some advice. "All diamonds are old, billions of years old to be exact, so purchasing a pre-owned diamond is one that is a billion and five years old.  Many buyers of pre-owned  rings realize that the memories and 'karma' associated with their engagement ring will stem from the life they and their spouse build together."
  • The Benefits of Selling Diamonds Online

    As you may have seen, Have You Seen The Ring recently released an eBook, available for free download, detailing the process of selling an engagement ring online from start to finish. If you're planning on selling your jewelry online, it's highly recommended that you give it a read-through so that you know what to expect.
    However, if you're still on the fence about whether to sell with Have You Seen the Ring or elsewhere, then you should know these facts about why we're the premier place to sell online.

    Sellers can Make More Money
    When a person buys or sells ring through, for example, CraigsList or EBay, they're taking a huge risk. There are many stories in the news about both buyers and sellers not getting what they expected out of the deal. Have You Seen The Ring, however, does the process extremely securely. We act as a middle-man, holding payments in escrow until the jewelry is certified, to make sure that the buyer gets a fine piece of jewelry and the seller gets the money they are owed. For that reason, buyers are willing to pay more money – typically, 50% to 60% more – on our site because of the security and the lack of hassle.
    HYSTR is Accredited
    There are tons of sites online where you can buy and sell jewelry, among other things. Not all these sites are legitimate, though. Have You Seen the Ring is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has been established since 2010. When people sell their engagement rings through us, they can rest assured they'll get the amount (minus our small commission fee) they have been promised.
    It's Free to List
    Many other websites on the internet, including big-name sites like Etsy, charge a fee just to list an item. At Have You Seen the Ring, you can create an account and list your jewelry for absolutely no cost. That way, if your ring doesn't sell or you change your mind about selling it, you don't lose any money.
    It's Free to Ship
    Finally, Have You Seen the Ring is one of the only sites that pays for you to ship the ring to a buyer. When you accept an offer on HYSTR, we'll send you a postage-paid FedEx insured shipping label so you can deliver the jewelry to our office safely. The insurance adds to your peace of mind, too.
  • Four Things to Know about Proposing on Valentine's Day

    It's that time of year again – love is in the air! Though many people regard Valentine's Day as a "Hallmark Holiday," or one only celebrated so that major corporations can make money, it maintains its romanticism for most of us. Even if you don't do gifts, who doesn't love an excuse to have a "just-the-two-of-us" night with their sweethearts?
    For a lot of couples, though, it's a lot more than just flowers and candy. According to a survey, some 4 million Americans expect to be proposed to on February 14th. There's nothing wrong with popping the question on the most romantic night of the year – you just have to make sure you do it properly! Here are some things you should know.
    Have the Conversation Prior
    It sounds like common sense, but plenty of boyfriends out there have done it: never propose without having had the marriage conversation before. Though where and how you do it should be a surprise, the fact that you're planning on eventually marrying this person shouldn't.
    Book Reservations Long, Long in Advance
    A lot of people can't have a romantic evening without a meal, but a survey from last year showed that 44% of couples are planning on going out to dinner that night, and 53% said they make reservations more than a week in advance. If you wait too long, you're going to have a hard time getting a reservation – especially because it falls on a Friday in 2014. Don't miss the boat!
    Pop the Question in Private
    Considering so many people are expecting to be proposed to on Valentine's Day, it's safe to assume that it's a romantic gesture. That being said, 69% of survey respondents said it's cheesy to get down on one knee in a restaurant full of people. Our advice: go out to dinner and have a nice night together, but wait until you're home or somewhere private (or with friends and family) to actually do the asking. Plenty of other people are celebrating the romantic holiday in the restaurant on that night; your proposal likely won't go as planned if you do it at dinner.
    Don’t Overspend on a Ring
    It's important to research a retailer before making a ring purchase, especially around Valentine's Day. According to the Better Business Bureau, some people complained that their rings weren't delivered on time for Valentine's Day, that they got scammed by "too good to be true" V-Day sales, or that the company jacked up the price closer to the holiday.
    Every year, people sell their pre-owned (but often never used), gemologist-certified jewelry on Have You Seen the Ring. Because of our process for selling an engagement ring, you're always getting a legitimate diamond ring for a fraction of the cost of a jewelry retailer (see the process outlined in our free eBook). That's one option you can use to avoid scams and get amazing jewelry at a fraction of the cost of buying from a jeweler.

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