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  • Amy Sunley Photography: My Three Favorite Jewelry Shots of 2012

    Today's guest blogger Amy Sunley shares her three favorite jewelry photos taken in 2012.

    Amy is an experienced professional photographer based in the UK. Amy Sunley Photography specializes in wedding and lifestyle photography. Amy loves animals, cake and all things shiny - especially jewelry!

    Below you will see the hands and rings of the lovely Sarah and Tim. They married in York, England in June 2012 and I just love this shot of their jewelry. I adore a good photograph of the rings somewhere quirky, quite often the quirkier the better, but sometimes you just can’t beat the rings on the hands themselves.

    Another of my favourite photographs of 2012 came from a best man’s joke…Anyone for Haribo rings? Luckily for Suzi and Robin the best man also remembered their real wedding rings. I’m not sure who got to eat these, all I know is that it wasn’t me!

    I also like to use clients’ wedding rings in other shoots. This next picture is of the gorgeous Louise and her bump with her wedding rings balanced on top. Bump incidentally is now a gorgeous little baby boy. Luckily for us he kept his feet to himself and didn’t kick them off. Although that would have been a photograph and a half!

    My challenge for 2013 is to get the rings involved in a pet portrait shoot! Many couples love to include their furry friend in their pre-wedding shoot, and I love having them along, so I’m already thinking ribbon, collar, rings!

    To contact Amy about photography please visit:
  • Engagement Photo Shoots: A Rehearsal for the ‘Big Day

    Earlier this week we spoke with Emily Clack, a respected wedding photographer located in the Washington DC area. Emily was kind enough to share her views on the importance of engagement photo shoots and why photographers and couples alike always enjoy the engagement photo shoot experience.

    According to Emily: “Today, photographers are taking a fresh approach when taking engagement photos of newly engaged couples by incorporating beautiful and interesting scenery as well as mixing candid and posed moments. I strongly encourage couples to have an engagement photo session for several reasons:

    1. It’s a great way to get to know your photographer's style of shooting.
    2. It's also a great way for you, as a couple, to get comfortable being in front of a professional photographer's camera. 
    3. Having photos taken before your big day will build up a trust and familiarity with your photographer and your photographer will already have experience taking your picture prior to your wedding day.
    4. Most couples have not had professional photos of themselves before their wedding day. They can be used for Save The Dates, Wedding websites, Christmas cards, or just to have a few framed around your home.
    5. Engagement photo shoots are fun! They are laid back and an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours together - showing off your happiness.

    Engagement shoots are very enjoyable for me because I get to work with a great new couple each time and we can take our time during this shoot and go to a variety of locations, versus a wedding where the day is on a tight schedule. 

    What also makes an engagement photo shoot enjoyable is when my couples really get into the shoot and are over that initial nervous feeling of being in front of a camera while in a public setting. I especially love it when we can brainstorm about ideas together about what the next pose or location should be. I can tell when a couple becomes relaxed in front of the camera when they start doing things on their own - just being involved with themselves and being in love - and I no longer have to give any direction. This is when the beautiful moments happen - when you forget your photographer is even there and you are just being yourselves! Whether it's laughing together, holding hands, or getting lost in your partner's eyes - these images should be a reflection of your relationship together and love for one another."

    Check out Emily’s recent engagement photo shoot, which was featured on one of our favorite wedding blogs, ‘United With Love.
    About Emily: With a background in Graphic Design, she fell in love with photography and hasn’t looked back since. Emily says “I have a photojournalistic approach when it comes to shooting weddings. I like to let things happen and not interfere too much, because it is already a day filled with beautiful moments and details"
    If you want to view more of Emily’s beautiful photos or to contact here direct:
    Email: emily@emilyclackphotography.com
    Telephone: 804.931.7479

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