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  • Help Ash: July 20th - A Day of Remembrance

    July 20th will live long in the memory as one of the darkest days in US history. The Aurora, CO community, along with the rest of the United States will remember the twelve unfortunate victims who lost their lives on this fateful day.
    Lives were changed forever not just for the 70 injured people, but for the countless family members and witnesses, July 20th marks an important milestone in their journey to move forward.
    Ashley and Veronica Moser
    Remembering and Creating New Memories
    Many of those who were present in the Century movie theater at that time have made significant process in healing, mending, and rebuilding their lives. Take, for example, Eugene Han and Kirstin Davis, a young couple who survived the incident and have scheduled their wedding date on the anniversary in order to build better memories to be associated with that date. There are also a number of therapeutic events to be hosted by the community on the dates surrounding the anniversary. For victim Ashley Moser, who withstood several gunshot wounds, it’s all about taking it one day at a time.
    Where are they Now?: Ashley’s Adventures
    Despite being paralyzed after the incident, Moser is letting nothing hold her back. She’s excited to announce that she’s re-enrolled in college courses for the upcoming fall semester, which she’ll be attending on-campus. Until then, she’s been keeping busy doing many of the things she loves to do: for example, she recently participated in the Paralympics, competing in three different throwing events. Thanks to Adaptive Adventures and her love of the outdoors, she also recently went on kayaking and hand-cycling excursions. She’s attending a summit adventure next month, will attend a women’s conference at the end of the summer, and will be the special guest at Tony Robbins in Palm Springs come December – there is much to look forward to!
    Family Ties Stay Strong
    Putting yourself back in the game the way Ashley has – continuing with her dreams of going to school and trying new things – takes a lot of resiliency, and she thinks hers can be attributed to her strong family bonds. Just this weekend she attended a family reunion where there were over a hundred attendees and lots of fun to be had, so it’s easy to see where her support system comes from. Though the one year anniversary of the day that changed her life still brings about strong memories, her family gives her the strength and the foundation she needs to create new positive ones.
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