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  • How to Effectively Sell Your Diamond Jewelry

    It's sad to think that some people have to sell their engagement rings and other sentimental jewelry. Some people choose to sell because their marriage has ended, while others are forced to sell because they need money to save their home from foreclosure or pay off mounting medical bills and other expenses. Regardless of why you have to part with these items, it's important to know how to effectively sell the jewelry so you are getting the most for your precious items.

    Know What You Have 

    Although you might think you know what you have, you could be wrong and the piece might be worth much more or less than you thought. To find out, you should take the jewelry to be appraised. To get the best value for the piece, bring it to an appraiser that doesn't sell or buy diamonds because they will be giving you their honest opinion. Further, don't assume that you have to pay to have the piece appraised. You can visit diamond buyers or pawn shops to see what they value the piece at. If going this route, it's important to visit several so that you're getting a range of opinions.

      Price the Piece Realistically

      When selling something sentimental, many people set unrealistic prices because their emotions are invested. It's important, although somewhat impossible, to take the emotion out of it and price the jewelry rationally. To make sure that a piece is priced right, use eBay to search for other similar items that have sold. This will give you a good idea of what pieces similar to yours are selling for.

        Consider Your Options

        When people have to sell engagement rings and other jewelry, they should look into where and how they can sell the pieces. At Have You Seen the Ring, we make it very easy for sellers to list their jewelry and find a buyer. One of the best things about our service is that people are selling their jewelry on their terms and not someone else's. 

          Make Sure You're Ready

          As mentioned earlier, people can become very attached to their jewelry and emotions often run high. To make a successful sale, it's important to ensure that you’re actually ready to part with the piece -- usually once you sell, there's no getting it back. 

          • Selling Your Engagement Ring? 4 Tips to Help You Sell a Memory

            Whether you have an old engagement ring that you no longer wear or you recently split from your spouse, one question you may ask yourself is, “What should I do with this engagement ring?” While you could place it in a safety deposit box or in your jewelry box, the ring really does no good there. It’ll most likely just be tucked away and forgotten about. 
            Instead, why not sell it? If your ring has lost its true meaning, what’s the point in keeping it, anyway? Today, lots of people who go through break ups or divorces sell their engagement rings, not necessarily to make a profit, so much as to let things go.  
            If you’re ready to sell your engagement ring, but don’t know how, we’ve provided some tips to help you. 
            1. Be emotionally ready
            Selling a diamond engagement ring is not an easy thing to do. Even if you've been divorced for some time, it can be a lot to handle, emotionally speaking. Diamonds are symbols of love and passion and there are probably memories tied to the ring -- you need to take the emotional aspects out of the process so that you don’t sell the ring only to regret it later. Also, if you sell and you’re not emotionally ready, you may make the mistake of settling for too little.
            2. Know what your ring is worth
            You don’t want to get your hopes up by thinking that your ring is worth more than it really is. You need to be realistic so that, when you try to sell it, you know what types of offers to expect. It’s in your best interest to have your ring examined by an expert to determine the quality, authenticity and attributes that will affect its price. At Have You Seen The Ring, all items are carefully examined and verified by an independent GIA graduate gemologist. 
            3. Be realistic with the price  
            The fastest way to be disappointed when selling your ring is to set an unrealistic price. It’s important to know how much the stone is worth and what it will sell for in the current market. Otherwise, you may set a price and sit on it for months and even years as people pass your ring by for more lucrative offers. 
            4. Know your selling options
            Although you could pawn your engagement ring, put it in the classifieds, or go to a local jeweler to sell it, today the Internet makes selling your ring faster and easier than ever. And you can conveniently sell it on our website by simply creating a free listing and watching as the offers pour in. Or simply provide us with information about your ring and we’ll make you an offer within one business day!
          • Selling Jewelry with Have You Seen the Ring - an Infographic

          • Buying a Second Hand Engagement Ring - What is Your Opinion?

            Great article by Danielle Kwateng in Style Blazer. What is your view on pre-owned engagement rings?


          • Holiday Proposals Fuel Market for Pre-Owned Engagement Rings

            Sellers recoup the most value by selling engagement rings, while buyers can purchase a discount engagement ring in time for a holiday proposal

            For many couples in love, an engagement will be the highlight of the holiday season.  According to Wedding Wire, 33% of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and New Years.  This busy proposal season continues until Valentine's Day, when another 10% of engagements commence. 

            For people looking to sell engagement rings, particularly pre-owned engagement rings, this time of year presents the best opportunity to recoup the largest share of their original investment.  Since 2010, Have You Seen the Ring has helped sellers earn over $2 million for their pre-owned engagement rings.  Selling on Have You Seen the Ring is easy; a seller registers for a free account, creates a listing, and then receives offers from buyers across the country.  Because buyers on Have You Seen the Ring are retail customers, rather than middlemen, sellers receive up to 60% more than they would by selling to a local jeweler, pawn shop, or via traditional online auctions.

            From the buyer's point of view, now is also the best time to find a great deal on a used engagement ring.  With proposals on the horizon, many local jewelers will be less willing to negotiate prices or to offer discounts.  The opposite is true with sellers of pre-owned engagement rings.  These sellers are looking to sell rings for below their cost and many are hoping to sell quickly to raise money for holiday purchases.  We mitigate the risk of buying and selling jewelry online with an authenticity guarantee. Each item sold is verified by an independent, GIA graduate gemologist, ensuring that a buyer receives exactly what they paid for.   For those who wish to purchase a loose diamond, our prices are up to 40 percent less than traditional jewelry stores and about 10 percent lower than online competitors.

          • Top Tips to Safely Sell Your Engagement Ring or Diamond

            Recent crimes surrounding Craigslist transactions, where sellers were scammed or physically harmed, have raised questions as to the safety of selling engagement rings to strangers.  Emily Graham's story is the latest to make national headlines. Graham, who flew to St. Louis to meet a buyer for her $19,000 engagement ring, was driven to a warehouse where she was robbed and assaulted. 

            When selling engagement rings online, it is important to follow safety precautions.  Below are several suggestions to ensure your safety.
            1) Don't go at it alone One mistake that sellers frequently make is to agree to meet a stranger on their own.  Be sure to meet with a potential buyer at a time when a friend or relative can join you.  By having company, you reduce the chances of becoming a crime victim.
            2) Meet somewhere public While you may have the urge to have privacy for the sale of your engagement ring, meeting in public guarantees a much higher level of safety.  Suggestions for public meeting places include busy cafes, the post office, or at a police station.  A local jeweler is the safest place to meet to sell your engagement ring.  In this case, the buyer can also have the ring verified by the jeweler, providing a safer experience for all parties.
            3) Never share private information Resist the urge to tell the buyer where you live or where you work.  Although it may seem like friendly conversation, these details could help a criminal target you and your family.  As for the buyer you are meeting, we recommend trying to ascertain and confirm as many details as possible regarding their employment and their address.  If you are able to determine their employer, give the employer a call to confirm that the individual does work there.  If they feel comfortable providing their address, use to see whether it matches.  Confirming these details will increase the chances that you are meeting a buyer with good intentions.
            4) Trust experienced sellers If you're buying your ring on eBay, do not trust sellers with low feedback scores.  While new buyers need to start building their feedback somehow, you don't want to be the person to work through the kinks with them.  We recommend setting your eBay preferences so that only buyers with 3 or more positive feedbacks are able to bid on your auctions.  Even if a buyer has positive feedback, ensure that you gather enough information about them to prove they are legitimate.  For sites outside eBay, we suggest working with businesses that are Better Business Bureau accredited.  This accreditation ensures that the business has a proven track record of honesty and integrity.  These businesses will proudly display the BBB logo on their websites.  In addition, you can contact the BBB to confirm that the business is a member in good standing.
            5) Cash is kingMany scams on Craigslist and eBay involve fake checks, money orders, and money transfers.  For Craigslist transactions, no matter how much you are selling an item for, insist that the buyer pays you in cash.  If a buyer balks at bringing thousands of dollars in cash, suggest that you meet at their bank.  If they resist this idea, you know there's something going on.  On eBay, watch out for fake Paypal payments.  Every month thousands of eBay sellers are duped into shipping merchandise to buyers who have faked Paypal Payment Confirmations.  We recommend calling Paypal to verify that the funds are in your account prior to shipping any items.  In addition, we suggest only shipping to US addresses as many fraudulent activities come from international sources.
            The most important rule of selling your engagement ring online is to use good judgment.  If something about a transaction doesn't feel right or you aren't sure if a buyer is legitimate, remember that your safety is more important than selling a ring.

            Watch Our Video To Learn More
            Established in 2010, St. Louis-based Have You Seen the Ring is the safest marketplace for selling pre-owned engagement rings and loose diamonds.  We connect independent buyers with independent sellers of pre-owned jewelry in a safe, trusted environment. 
            Have You Seen the Ring focuses on sellers—no matter the reason for parting with jewelry, our team assists in every step of the process, including marketing support for each piece listed on the site. With the authenticity guarantee and nationwide exposure, sellers receive 40-60% more for their jewelry than if they sold through a pawn shop, Craigslist or eBay.

            For more information, please visit
          • Tips for Popping the Question

            You have been dating for a long time and you know that she's the one.  The next step is to make it official by proposing.  While proposing can be a nerve-wracking experience, the following tips will ensure that the proposal goes off with(out) a hitch. 

            1. Get the proper OKs before you move ahead
            While we're sure that she dreams day and night about being your wife, we recommend testing the waters before you jump in.  If you haven't already, it may make sense to talk about your plan for the future and the timeline that you envision for that plan.  If she is thinking that she'll finish school before you pop the question, you would want to know that ahead of time.  It is also traditional to ask the bride's father for his permission prior to proposing. 

            2. Write the perfect proposal
            Each of us has a different style when it comes to preparing a speech.  While some like to have everything written down, others prefer to 'wing it'.  Whatever your preference, we recommend preparing at least part of your proposal upfront (to ensure that you don't get flustered in the moment).  The typical proposal will include a reference to the times you've enjoyed together, and a statement about your future as a married couple.  We have also heard of proposals including funny inside jokes, (slightly) embarrassing moments, and original poetry.

            3. Decide where to propose
            Choosing where to propose is one of the most important decisions in the proposal process.  Whether you stay close to home (or actually at home) or you include the proposal as part of a larger vacation, finding the ideal proposal location requires some thought.  We recommend choosing a place that has significance in your relationship and will logistically make sense.  As great as it would be to propose at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, if you aren't both athletic, your dream proposal may not go as planned.  Some classic proposal locations are at a beach, in a special restaurant, or over a romantic picnic.  Wherever you decide, just be sure to make it an unforgettable moment.

            Your proposal is one of the major milestones in your life together.   Make it as great as possible by following these three tips.  Oh, and congratulations in advance!
          • Perhaps The Most Beautiful Ring We Have EVER Sold

            Set in majestic 18k yellow gold, at the center of this stunning piece is an incredible 3.15 carat pear shaped diamond. Surrounded by 8 small baguettes and 2 large baguettes, this beautiful ring glimmers with an additional 0.66 carats.

          • Hottest 2013 Trends in Engagement Rings

            Without overplaying the engagement ring purchase too much, it does represent one of the most significant items you will ever buy, as well as being one of the most romantic.  The engagement ring is a symbol of love and devotion, but can also make a unique fashion statement. There is no bride that will deny that the day her husband got down on one knee and slipped the engagement ring onto that left ring finger was one of the happiest days of her life.

            Fashion is constantly evolving and engagement ring styles are no different. The traditional classic ring is making way for settings with a more unique appearance. With that being said, today’s designers are not moving away from the classic ‘Tiffany’ style solitaire ring too much, they are just creating a bolder, more ornate style that produces a little more sparkle.

            For brides looking to move towards more modern ring styles, many love the halo setting.  Halo rings both highlight the beauty of the center stone and make the center diamond look larger.  These settings can work with round, cushion, princess, and many other diamond shapes.  Halo settings can also be paired with a thin, pave diamond band, a traditional metal band, or with a split-shank style.  Whatever the band, halo settings make a bold, beautiful statement.

            Another hot trend is vintage looking engagement rings.  Whether these rings are authentically vintage or new rings designed to look older, many brides opt for a vintage style ring.  Vintage rings have intricate details, and often utilize brightly colored centered stones.  Many brides looking for a one-of-a-kind ring choose a vintage style.

            Many modern brides are also turning to eternity rings as their engagement ring of choice.  Eternity rings are understated, refined jewelry that can be worn alone or stacked with other rings.  Brides that have busy lifestyles often like eternity rings as they can be worn during athletic or other physical activities.

            Whatever engagement ring she chooses, every bride hopes that her engagement ring will bring a lifetime of happiness.
          • How To Sell Engagement Rings and Used Diamonds

            In order to safely get the best price for your jewelry, Jerry Ehrenwald, President and CEO of the International Gemological Institute (IGI), one of the world’s leading diamond certifying laboratories, advises the following:

            1)     Try to sell directly to the consumer
            2)     Use good judgment
            3)     Understand the realistic resale value

            Try to sell directly to the consumer
            When you are looking to sell engagement rings or used diamonds, Ehrenwald says, “to get the best price for your jewelry, you need to sell as close to the consumer as possible. Jewelry stores and pawnshops have high overhead expenses to cover, and their expenses will reduce how much of the piece’s sale price ends up in your pocket”.

            You can try to advertise your jewelry online on a website such as Craigslist, however if you have responsibly attempted to use Craigslist in the past, you will know that some members are untrustworthy or time wasters.

            Ehrenwald suggests, “one of the quickest ways to sell engagement rings may be through a jewelry store or a pawn shop. Just realize that the further you get from the consumer, the less you should expect to profit.” If you choose to sell your used engagement ring or diamond this way, you will at best receive between 20% and 25% of the original purchase price.

            ‘Cash for Gold’ or ‘Cash for Diamond’ companies are at the far end of the spectrum, furthest away from the consumer. From a seller’s point of view, this should be your last resort. If you have found yourself using this option, then you are also probably pretty close to selling one of your kidneys for cash!

            Sites like Have You Seen the Ring bring consumers directly to you. Our customers are willing to pay the best prices for pre-owned items, as we offer quality guarantees through our Gemologist Verification process

            Use Good Judgment
                  I.        If you try to sell the jewelry yourself, never share your home address or personal information. Never meet a potential buyer at your home. Arrange meetings in a public place (like a police station), and it would be wise to bring a friend or family member.
                 II.        If you want to sell online seek out an established company with a great reputation. A quick and easy way to do this is to look for a company that is Better Business Bureau accredited.

            Understand the realistic resale value
            If you choose to get your jewelry appraised, it’s important to make the appraiser aware that you’re looking for the liquidation price of the item, rather than the replacement value. “There are different levels of valuating,” Ehrenwald explains. “Tell the appraiser you’re looking to liquidate your piece and need to get the highest price that you can.” If the appraiser thinks you’re asking what it would cost to replace the ring for insurance purposes, the value will be much higher than what you can sell the piece for yourself. And brace yourself; Ehrenwald says it’s unrealistic to expect to sell your piece for near the retail value, which means you’ll get less than you paid for it. You may even have to settle for less than the liquidation value, but at least you’ll have a better idea of your asking price.

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