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  • Tips for Saving Money on Engagement Rings

    If you're thinking about tying the knot soon, you're going to have to save up a lot of money if you want to have a traditional wedding. It isn't a secret that weddings can be expensive, but some people can really underestimate just how much everything costs. The Association of Bridal Consultants did a survey about the average costs of a wedding, and your ceremony can cost you a little more than $28,000 – and that's the average!
    The vast majority of the price is made up of venue costs, catering, clothing, and other essentials, but a surprisingly large part of it can be the engagement ring. The study found that the engagement ring often costs significantly more than the actual wedding band. On average, people would spend $1,862 on the wedding bands, but $3,995 on their engagement ring. The high price is probably due to the fact that people want to make a statement, but you don't have to break the bank to propose with a beautiful and memorable ring. If you want to wow the love of your life without going into crippling debt forever, follow these tips when you look for an engagement ring.
    Look at it as a major purchase
    An engagement ring is one of the most important items you'll ever buy, but not for the reasons that most people think. You obviously want the person you're planning to marry to like the ring, but this is something that they will have for the rest of their lives. That ring is more than just a symbol of your love; it's a ring that could be passed down to your children and to your children's children. Your engagement ring will outlast any major appliance, car, or computer you'll have, so you should treat this engagement ring like any other major purchase you'd make. Do your research, don't be afraid to be very specific about what you want, and you'll be happy with what you have.
    Know your four Cs (with a focus on color)
    If you're thinking about buying a diamond engagement ring, keep the four Cs of diamond buying in mind: carat, color, clarity, and cut. Now, if you really want to save money without having to sacrifice the beauty of your ring, focus on diamonds that strike the right balance of the four Cs within your budget. Diamonds graded to a GIA standard "SI2 clarity" will be eye clean (i.e. no dark spots visible to the naked eye). Diamonds graded to a GIA standard "I color" are still in the sweet spot of near colorless, while a diamond with a "very good" cut GIA grading will still have substantial fire and brilliance. If you then work backward, you can figure out pretty quickly what size of diamond will work best for you without breaking the bank.
    While we're on the topic of diamonds, we should mention that you don't have to get the traditional big diamond to have a beautiful ring. In fact, if you really want to save money on your engagement ring you should…
    Go the non-traditional route

    If you want a statement-making ring that doesn't cost a lot of money, take a trip down the off-beat engagement ring path and find something different. Instead of spending money on one large diamond, get a ring with a few small diamonds that will look just as striking. There are many unique styles that will stand out among traditional diamond rings. If you want a non-traditional piece, look for used engagement rings. You can find a variety of previously-owned diamond rings, but there are also many that feature rubies, sapphires, and other gems as their primary stone.

  • Why You Should Consider a Used Engagement Ring

    You’ve made the decision. You’re ready (or as ready as you’ll ever be) to pop the big question. The time has come to make an investment in a beautiful engagement ring to mark the occasion and seal the deal. Some couples will decide to secure a loan in order to afford a particular ring, while others will decide that they don’t want to immediately take on debt as part of their new life together. Some of these couples will choose to look into used engagement rings.
    These rings are just as beautiful and express just as much sentiment as new rings, but often come with much smaller price tags. And, unlike other merchandise that can be bought used, diamonds are almost impervious to being chipped or scratched. So a diamond that was cut, set, and sold a hundred years ago will look just as beautiful as one that was cut yesterday. 
    Some families will keep a lovely ring or two as heirlooms to pass down to new generations. A legacy gem with this kind of history behind it is absolutely priceless, and many couples are delighted by the prospect of using a ring that already has years of experience as a symbol of lasting love between those close to them.
    If you don’t have a ring like this in your family, remember that when shopping for a pre-owned engagement ring, you won’t necessarily know why the pieces are on the market. It’s always best to take your business to a reputable vendor who will offer authenticated merchandise. How awful would it be to purchase a diamond ring from a shady merchant, only to have it appraised later and learn that the ring was misrepresented? It may not be a real diamond, or be made using a real precious metal. If you always work with vendors who authenticate their jewelry, you will always know exactly what you’re getting.
    Saving money and getting a top-quality ring for a small price are not the only reasons to choose a pre-owned ring. Used engagement rings are a better choice for the environment than new rings, since their gems have already been mined. Many women (and men) favor vintage styles over new ones, and pre-owned rings can be a great way to express that every day.
    Pre-owned rings offer many advantages, and no disadvantages. They are an ideal option when you’re choosing something as important as a symbol of love to be worn every day.

  • Man Sells Engagement Ring Once Owned By Satan... Herself!

    A ex-husband recently got creative when trying to sell the engagement once worn by his wife. Using craiglist he advertized the ring as having one problem. "The ring has got some major history. For a short time, the diamond was worn by "Satan herself," he then goes on to describe the unbelievable horror the ring has brought into his life since it was purchased. (You know, small things like "downed power lines" and "swarms of locust.")"

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  • Top Tips to Safely Sell Your Engagement Ring or Diamond

    Recent crimes surrounding Craigslist transactions, where sellers were scammed or physically harmed, have raised questions as to the safety of selling engagement rings to strangers.  Emily Graham's story is the latest to make national headlines. Graham, who flew to St. Louis to meet a buyer for her $19,000 engagement ring, was driven to a warehouse where she was robbed and assaulted. 

    When selling engagement rings online, it is important to follow safety precautions.  Below are several suggestions to ensure your safety.
    1) Don't go at it alone One mistake that sellers frequently make is to agree to meet a stranger on their own.  Be sure to meet with a potential buyer at a time when a friend or relative can join you.  By having company, you reduce the chances of becoming a crime victim.
    2) Meet somewhere public While you may have the urge to have privacy for the sale of your engagement ring, meeting in public guarantees a much higher level of safety.  Suggestions for public meeting places include busy cafes, the post office, or at a police station.  A local jeweler is the safest place to meet to sell your engagement ring.  In this case, the buyer can also have the ring verified by the jeweler, providing a safer experience for all parties.
    3) Never share private information Resist the urge to tell the buyer where you live or where you work.  Although it may seem like friendly conversation, these details could help a criminal target you and your family.  As for the buyer you are meeting, we recommend trying to ascertain and confirm as many details as possible regarding their employment and their address.  If you are able to determine their employer, give the employer a call to confirm that the individual does work there.  If they feel comfortable providing their address, use to see whether it matches.  Confirming these details will increase the chances that you are meeting a buyer with good intentions.
    4) Trust experienced sellers If you're buying your ring on eBay, do not trust sellers with low feedback scores.  While new buyers need to start building their feedback somehow, you don't want to be the person to work through the kinks with them.  We recommend setting your eBay preferences so that only buyers with 3 or more positive feedbacks are able to bid on your auctions.  Even if a buyer has positive feedback, ensure that you gather enough information about them to prove they are legitimate.  For sites outside eBay, we suggest working with businesses that are Better Business Bureau accredited.  This accreditation ensures that the business has a proven track record of honesty and integrity.  These businesses will proudly display the BBB logo on their websites.  In addition, you can contact the BBB to confirm that the business is a member in good standing.
    5) Cash is kingMany scams on Craigslist and eBay involve fake checks, money orders, and money transfers.  For Craigslist transactions, no matter how much you are selling an item for, insist that the buyer pays you in cash.  If a buyer balks at bringing thousands of dollars in cash, suggest that you meet at their bank.  If they resist this idea, you know there's something going on.  On eBay, watch out for fake Paypal payments.  Every month thousands of eBay sellers are duped into shipping merchandise to buyers who have faked Paypal Payment Confirmations.  We recommend calling Paypal to verify that the funds are in your account prior to shipping any items.  In addition, we suggest only shipping to US addresses as many fraudulent activities come from international sources.
    The most important rule of selling your engagement ring online is to use good judgment.  If something about a transaction doesn't feel right or you aren't sure if a buyer is legitimate, remember that your safety is more important than selling a ring.

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    Established in 2010, St. Louis-based Have You Seen the Ring is the safest marketplace for selling pre-owned engagement rings and loose diamonds.  We connect independent buyers with independent sellers of pre-owned jewelry in a safe, trusted environment. 
    Have You Seen the Ring focuses on sellers—no matter the reason for parting with jewelry, our team assists in every step of the process, including marketing support for each piece listed on the site. With the authenticity guarantee and nationwide exposure, sellers receive 40-60% more for their jewelry than if they sold through a pawn shop, Craigslist or eBay.

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  • Beautiful and Exotic Honeymoon Locations

    During the first vacation you spend with your new spouse, you will want to make it as special as possible. After all, you have put a ton of thought into everything surrounding the wedding, including the ceremony, guest list, and even the used engagement rings. If you are struggling to find a great place to have your honeymoon, here is a list of beautiful and exotic locations. 


    Aloha! Welcome to your honeymoon. Hawaii is a great place to stay after you get married. Waikiki and Honolulu are both breathtaking places. You can find many gorgeous Waikiki honeymoon hotels  that will allow you to see the ocean from the balcony or have easy access to the beach. Honolulu also has beautiful sunsets and plenty of things to do. In Hawaii, you will feel closer to your loved one than ever, while you both take in the unbelievable sights and escape from the grind of daily life. 

    Sri Lanka

    If you and your spouse enjoy the beauty of nature, you will undoubtedly love what Sri Lanka has to offer. This island country is located in the Indian Ocean. For an exotic place to have your honeymoon, Sri Lanka is a great decision. In this part of the world, you will not only be able to relax by the beach, but you can experience a world much different than your own. Sri Lanka has breathtaking scenery, exciting outdoor adventures, and fabulous food.


    If you have a bit longer to honeymoon, Australia should be at the top of your list. If you have wanted to see some of the greatest sunsets on earth while holding your partner’s hand, visit Cable Beach in Broome, Australia. Sydney and Melbourne are bustling cities full of European charm.  All of Australia will provide you with the rest and relaxation you are looking for.

    These are only three recommended places to go for your honeymoon. Even if you have both purchased used engagement rings and did all that you could to make your wedding more affordable, cost can sometimes be an issue with honeymoons. Weigh your options and create a list of places you would both like to go to. This will help in creating an incredible honeymoon that both of you will enjoy. 

  • Tips for Popping the Question

    You have been dating for a long time and you know that she's the one.  The next step is to make it official by proposing.  While proposing can be a nerve-wracking experience, the following tips will ensure that the proposal goes off with(out) a hitch. 

    1. Get the proper OKs before you move ahead
    While we're sure that she dreams day and night about being your wife, we recommend testing the waters before you jump in.  If you haven't already, it may make sense to talk about your plan for the future and the timeline that you envision for that plan.  If she is thinking that she'll finish school before you pop the question, you would want to know that ahead of time.  It is also traditional to ask the bride's father for his permission prior to proposing. 

    2. Write the perfect proposal
    Each of us has a different style when it comes to preparing a speech.  While some like to have everything written down, others prefer to 'wing it'.  Whatever your preference, we recommend preparing at least part of your proposal upfront (to ensure that you don't get flustered in the moment).  The typical proposal will include a reference to the times you've enjoyed together, and a statement about your future as a married couple.  We have also heard of proposals including funny inside jokes, (slightly) embarrassing moments, and original poetry.

    3. Decide where to propose
    Choosing where to propose is one of the most important decisions in the proposal process.  Whether you stay close to home (or actually at home) or you include the proposal as part of a larger vacation, finding the ideal proposal location requires some thought.  We recommend choosing a place that has significance in your relationship and will logistically make sense.  As great as it would be to propose at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, if you aren't both athletic, your dream proposal may not go as planned.  Some classic proposal locations are at a beach, in a special restaurant, or over a romantic picnic.  Wherever you decide, just be sure to make it an unforgettable moment.

    Your proposal is one of the major milestones in your life together.   Make it as great as possible by following these three tips.  Oh, and congratulations in advance!
  • Five Ways to Save on Your Wedding Day

    There is no denying that getting married can be one of the most important times of your life. However, when it comes to planning the wedding, cost can become a huge factor.

    As all brides and grooms can attest, weddings can be expensive. In 2012 alone, the average cost of a wedding was $26,989. If you have been thinking about getting married in the most cost-friendly way, here are a few tips to consider. 

    1) Coupons, Coupons, Coupons! 

    One of the best ways to save is through coupons. If you are having a wedding, coupons for certain items will help you to save a lot of money. 

    In fact, if you can manage to be crafty on your own, you can make your own centerpieces for the wedding by using coupons for craft stores and receiving almost half off of expensive glass vases. You could also use coupons for stationary, which can become a bit pricey.

    Also check out sites like Groupon and Living Social to score photographers, invitations, and other wedding vendors at a discount.

    2) Consider a Used Engagement Rings

    You would be surprised at how used engagement ringsstill hold exceptional quality and value for your future spouse. 

    If a used engagement ring was good enough for Kate Middleton, then why not you?

    Many people opt to purchase a pre-owned engagement ring and to have the diamond (the most expensive part of the ring) re-set into a new setting.  This allows you to have the perfect ring at a deep discount.   

    3) Consider Buying a Used Wedding Dress

    Buying a used wedding dress could save you thousands of dollars.

    It is more than likely that the dress that you are looking at in the boutique is available online, pre-owned, but only worn once.

    Get it cleaned, get it altered, and you have the fairytale wedding dress for a fraction of the price. You could even re-sell it after use and get all your money back.

    There are a number of notable websites that offer this service, but the most popular and respected is Check out their great selection.

    4) Create a Wedding Priority List

    Do you create a shopping list when you go to the supermarket? Personally I don't, but my fridge regularly contains 12 red onions, 15 green peppers and a cucumber ( I don't even like cucumbers ). 

    Creating a wedding priority list will help you think rationally about what is really important to you and your future spouse, and where the budget should be allocated.

    If your mom really wants you to spend a fifth of the budget on flowers, then perhaps suggest a contribution. I know my guests definitely preferred food and drinks over elaborate table center pieces and flowers in the restroom.

    What is actually important to you and your spouse? Creating a simple list can do wonders to your planning.

    5) Utilize Your Resources 

    Who can you trust to do a good job? Maybe one of your best friends is an incredible photographer and you can ask her to take pictures, or maybe your uncle can whip up a delicious cake. 

    I can't emphasize enough how important it is to pick people that you can trust. Everybody has a friend who likes one too many drinks and has a history of going M.I.A. Yup, that guy. It maybe in your best interest to steer well clear of him. Ask for help, but choose your helpers wisely.

    These are only five tips on how to save for your big wedding day. If you are getting married, these ideas will help you on your quest to budget your finances for the occasion.
  • Three Tips on Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

    You might be head over heels in love and have been ready to get married for a while now. Maybe you’ve thought it over for years and you’re officially prepared to propose. If you are thinking of proposing, finding the perfect ring can be a challenge.  There are many important factors to consider, such as clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. Most importantly, you will want to make sure that the ring you chose is highly personalized.
    If finding the perfect engagement ring has you frustrated, the following tips might help. 
    1) Take notice of her style. What kind of rings or jewelry does she tend to wear? Does she like simpler jewelry, or does she tend to wear chunkier, more flamboyant jewelry? Also, take notice of what colors she likes to wear. This can help you to make a decision easily.
    2) Ask her friends or family. Although you might know her extremely well, her friends or family can offer a bit of insight as to what kind of ring she would like to wear for the rest of her life. You could always sit down with a friend or family member to discuss your thoughts on her perfect ring.  
    3) If cost is getting you down, consider previously owned engagement rings.  Purchasing used engagement rings allows you to buy a nicer ring for the same price.  Discount diamonds are also an intelligent choice. With discount diamonds, you can find the same certified diamonds that your local jeweler sells, but at a fraction of the cost.  
    These are only three small steps you can take when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring. Your future wife will appreciate the time, effort, and research that you put into finding her the ring of her dreams. Of course, if all else fails, you can ask her what she wants—but the key is to keep her surprised!

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