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  • Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

    The old British saying goes, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe." For the past three weeks, simply bridal have brought their readers ideas on how to incorporate the old, the new, and the borrowed into your weddings plans. Since "a sixpence in your shoe" is pretty straight forward, last but not least, they have brought  you "something blue"! 

    Did you know, that the color blue is associated with purity and fidelity? It also used to be worn in order to ward off the “evil eye” that would make new brides infertile. Nowadays though, this may be one of the easiest of the four "somethings" to incorporate. There are endless options of blue wedding products in the market. Many brides choose to incorporate a shade of blue into their color palate, using either blue bridesmaid dresses or decorations at the reception. 

    For those brides who aren't keen on having blue as visible on the big day, here are some of our favorite alternatives. While some of these may be hidden under your skirts, others are small enough that they can have meaning for you without taking over your color scheme. Either way, these items will ensure you have all that traditional good luck!

    “Something blue” may be one of the easiest to incorporate, with endless options of things to color blue!  For those who aren't keen on having blue bridesmaid dresses or decorations, the simply bridal infographic contains favorite alternatives, including jewelry, ribbons and bouquets! is an online retailer for quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding accessories. In addition to providing quality bridal products, we also create bridal resources such as infographics and downloadables.

  • Wedding Trends of 2013

    By Debra Michelle Hiebert
    Owner, Tres Fabu Event Planning and Design

    Weddingplanning season has fully arrived and I am excited to make this year’s trends come to life! As a wedding and event designer for the past 16 years, I always look forward to hearing what my brides and grooms have in store for me. Each year brings new ideas and an opportunity to create something fabulous!


    Bolds are back, especially primary colors.
    Classic black and white weddings are very popular right now but as we get into Spring and Summer, get ready for COLOR! Purples and Pinks are being paired with green, with red, and with chocolate brown. Green is showing up with orange and brown. Colors will be bold throughout the wedding décor—in florals, cakes, linens, bridesmaid gowns, and invitations/programs.

    Patterns are also bold.
    We’re seeing damask again (LOVE IT!) and chevron (classic zigzag) everywhere…brides are having fun with patterns of all colors. They’ll show up in table runners, cakes, invites, floral ribbons, favors, bowties, you name it. What about polka dots, you ask? Perhaps!
    Mixing and Matching is more.

    It’s something we all love to do but can we get away with it? The answer is yes! We can! Couples are mixing and matching with their floral arrangements and with linen patterns. Maybe a bride’s bouquet will be monochromatic while bridesmaids will carry mixed and matched arrangements. Linens can be a combination of different textures and patterns and create a beautiful table. Possibilities are endless!



    Gatsby Glamour? Yes!
    Is it a coincidence that The Great Gatsby movie will be released this May?! Brides are loving the glamour of the Roaring Twenties with the ‘Old Hollywood’ feel and the art deco-inspired décor. The headbands are large, the handbags small, lace is abundant, and so are gold, silver, crystal, diamonds, and pearls. It’s feminine; it’s lovely; and in a designer’s world, it’s fun fun fun! Mark our words as well, that the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby movie will go to the #1 slot on Billboard and you will hear some of these songs spun into the wedding reception celebrations, indeed! JayZ, Kanye West, Jack White, Frank Ocean, Prince, Lady Gaga and Florence and The Machine; and oh so much. It will be a paramount playlist for 2013 and beyond!

    A step back…to the 30s and 40s!
    Vintage is still among us! Beautiful lace gowns embellished with heavy beading…antique tabletop décor and tableware…mint green and muted tones throughout. Florals are simple, such as: roses, freesia, and lisianthus…creating a ‘fresh from the garden’ look. Vintage light bulbs hanging outside in a garden wedding…tiered cakes with simple designs and elegant flowers. Pure romance!

    Debra Michelle Hiebèrt
    Event Designer and Producer
    Servicing the entire West Coast ~ Canada to Cabo!
    ~ Enjoy Kasie & Thomas' film snippet of their Fairytale Wedding!

  • Ring Earrings or Necklace? Finding the Perfect Jewelry for Your Bridesmaids

    Today's blog post comes from Anna Knight, a lead contributor to SimplyBridal. is a Los Angeles-based online retailer for quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding accessories. 

    SimplyBridal's dresses have been featured on Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, and Rock n Roll Bride. In addition to providing quality bridal products, they also create infographics and downloadable's that have been on shown Huffington Post Weddings and SimplyBridal ship to North America, Western Europe, and parts of Asia.

    The days of giving your bridesmaids matching jewelry are long gone. Now brides are giving out jewelry to match their bridesmaids’ personalities and their dresses. Giving them jewelry in this manner will allow them to appreciate the gesture even more because you thought about each one of their likes and dislikes before giving them their gifts.

    Statement Ring

    A statement ring is perfect for the bridesmaid that likes to make a statement in an unexpected manner. This ring works well with expressive bridesmaids. By expressive we mean, she puts her whole body, especially her hands, to work whenever she is telling a story. So giving her a statement ring will really give her something to talk about.


    Every bride has that one friend that can wear a pair of earrings like nobody’s business. Now, think about what her favorite pair of earrings are and give her a set that resembles them. If you’re still stumped as to what kind of earrings are best for her, then look no further than her hairstyle. Does she have short hair, long hair or does she wear it pulled back? There’s nothing like beautiful, face-framing earrings for short hair and we love it when diamond studs peek out from a long curtain of hair.


    Necklaces are perfect for bridesmaids that like to wear simple clothes but use necklaces to dress up their outfits. We think necklaces are the most versatile piece of jewelry because you can use them to dress up an outfit and the same necklace can be paired with an evening gown or jeans and a t-shirt. This is the safest bet if you aren’t sure what type of jewelry to purchase for a bridesmaid.

    Ladies love jewelry and we love it even more when is has been selected specifically for us. Give your bridesmaids jewelry to tell them “Thank You.” Trust us, when we say they won’t lament that the days of matching gifts are long gone.

  • Haley Evans: Wedding Dress Trends of 2013

    What does a bride think of first when she thinks of her wedding day (after the ring)? Her beautiful gown, of course! Wedding dresses, like any fashion, go through trends year after year – what was popular a few years ago is completely out of style today! Here are the top predication's for wedding dress trends in 2013!
    Last season, we saw a lot of distinctive skirts. We saw designers focusing on hemlines and creating skirts with two tiers. It’s an exaggerated form of peplum detail and its super flattering—the top tier is a great way to camouflage wider hips. This is a trend we expect to see fade away in 2013. 
    Another trend from 2012 that won’t be carrying on into the New Year is the off the shoulder neckline. This year, we will be seeing a lot of ultra-sexy illusion necklines. With this style, a sheer layer of fabric covers the skin, so you get a strapless look with some added coverage. A lot of designers have even been adding jewels and embellishments to give off a glamorous look. 

    This year, non-traditionally colored wedding dresses are going to be more popular than ever. Subtle colors like blush and apricot are always popular, but this year we are even seeing some more daring hues! Vera Wang’s new spring collection is full of beautiful red wedding gowns and many designers are opting for colors like mint and lilac over the standard white.   
    Something we are seeing a lot of is keyhole backs which are sophisticated yet versatile. Most keyhole back styles were encircled with lace detailing, but the illusion effect is just as gorgeous. Countless designers have realized the popularity of this style and are incorporating them into their gowns.  
    What trends are you looking forward to in 2013? Are there any old styles that you can’t wait to see fade away? Leave us your comments below!     

    Haley Evans, WPICC
    From Menus to Venues Wedding and Event Planning

  • Wedding Colors: What's Hot in 2013 - What's Your Color?

    With the popularity of reality wedding shows, more and more couples are looking to have stylish weddings that are on trend. Trends in the wedding industry are most often derived from the worlds fashion and interior design. To determine what will be trending in the future, wedding professionals keep a close eye on what’s going on with the world and can predict the trends accordingly.

    Over the past month, jeweled tones have been spotted on runways all over the world. Colors such as emerald green, ruby red, deep purples and navy blues are starting to make their way into the wedding industry as well. Recently, David’s Bridal launched a line of bridesmaid’s dresses in jeweled tones and other designers are catching on to the trend. In fact, Pantone has named emerald green as the color of the year for 2013! There is no doubt that couples everywhere will be incorporating this deep green into their wedding color schemes this year. 

    What theme can you use with this color scheme? Peacock inspired wedding designs are right now! Peacock feathers make a perfect addition to bouquets and headpieces. There are also countless ways to incorporate peacock inspiration to your stationery designs. If you do plan on using this design for your wedding, be careful! It is easy for a beautiful design like peacock feathers to turn tacky when they are over used.  If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our peacock style pinboard on Pinterest!

    If you’re not a fan of the deep colors that are on trend, don’t fret!  There is another color that will be everywhere this year: lemon zest!  Bright yellow is known as a very emotional color, according to psychology experts it been known to encourage happiness and confidence. This makes it a very popular choice for weddings! Yellow is a very bold choice to include in your color scheme. If you are looking to make a statement, pair the lemon zest with poppy red or cobalt blue!  To calm the bright yellow down, include more neutral colors, such a black and grey. 

    Will you be planning your wedding around these color trends?  

    Today's guest blogger was Haley Evans, the owner and the lead coordinator at From Menus to Venues Wedding and Event Planning. Trained by some of the industry's most trusted professionals and studied at many of the leading professional institutes across Canada. Haley has and traveled internationally to meet with famous designers, planners and other industry professionals. She is also bilingual (English/French) and trained in first aid and CPR. No matter what might happen - your event is safe with From Menus to Venues Wedding and Event Planning!!!

    Haley Evans, WPICC
    From Menus to Venues Wedding and Event Planning

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