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Broke Up? Need to Sell a Diamond?

Broke Up? Need to Sell a Diamond?

Broke Up? Need to Sell a Diamond?

Are you finding yourself recently single?


Are you finding yourself recently single? According to Information is Beautiful, you're not alone. Why is that? According to data collected from Facebook status updates, two weeks before Christmas is the most common time of year to get dumped. Read on to learn why the Christmas holiday can lead to a breakup and how people can sell diamonds they might have bought for Christmas or Valentine's Day gifts before they were ditched.

Holidays = Commitment


When a person spends a holiday with someone else, it shows how committed they are to the relationship. When they go to their boyfriend's/girlfriend's family function, they are there to meet everyone and form connections because they are going to be around for a while. If one partner doesn't see a future for the relationship, they aren't going to take the other to one of these functions because their family would automatically think that the relationship is serious. Many people get dumped before the holidays because the other partner doesn't want to raise their expectations.

Holidays = Gifts


This is pretty low, but some people break up with their significant others prior to Christmas to avoid having to purchase them a gift. These people will often find themselves wondering what they can get for a person that won't send an "I'm crazy about you" message. To avoid the stress of finding a Christmas gift for someone they're just not that into, people opt to dump their girlfriend or boyfriend.

Holidays = Stress


Everyone knows that the holiday season puts people on edge. The thought of spending time with family, finding the perfect gifts for everyone, and tight finances causes many people to go a little berserk. Some people can't handle the added stress of finding time during their already crazy holiday schedule to spend with their significant other and their family. They quickly realize that they're not invested in the relationship and say "bye bye" to their partner.

For those that were on top of their shopping game and purchased diamonds for their partner only to later be dumped, selling the diamonds is a viable alternative. Find a site online, register, and list the jewelry; interested buyers will then be able to make offers on the diamonds and work with the seller to agree on a price. People that are able to sell their jewelry will have a weight lifted from their chest and be able to move on more quickly. 


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