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Verragio is a luxury bridal jewelry brand that has been around for nearly three decades. Naturally, many men and women want the beautiful modern designs of Verragio, but these engagement rings often come at a steep price.


Have you ever gone to a jeweler and been asked your ring size, only to freeze in a sudden panic? If so, you’re certainly not alone


 It’s a quandary that has plagued mankind for more than a century, and there’s still no perfect, one-size-fits-all answer. That said, there are a few different ways to find a price that works for you and your significant other. 


You may not know the difference between a princess cut and a marquise cut, but these are important terms to learn so that you can understand exactly what your future ring will look like. Another important term that applies to every diamond engagement ring is setting.


Whether you’re buying or selling diamonds, you’ll want to learn about the diamond certification process.


If you’ve never sold a piece of jewelry before or you’re not familiar with the engagement ring valuation process, appraisals can seem like a totally foreign concept. 


If you’re just diving into the world of diamond jewelry, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. From the 4 C’s of diamonds to ethical sourcing considerations, there is a lot to think about before you make a purchase.


Selling an engagement ring is a surprisingly good way to get cash in exchange for old jewelry. That said, if you’ve ever taken your ring to a jeweler to be appraised, you might have gotten inaccurate figures.


Vintage engagement rings have long captivated the hearts and minds of romantics. Their unique designs and timeless elegance evoke a sense of classic glamour and sophistication, making them an increasingly popular choice among couples looking for truly one-of-a-kind symbols of love.


Nobody wants to overpay for an engagement ring. Even if it’s the most beautiful, immaculate ring you’ve ever seen in your life, you want to get a fair deal. 


Unless you work at a jewelry store or you’re very familiar with the diamond industry, you’re probably not familiar with the jeweler loupe.


Whether you want a 2-carat diamond ring, a 3-carat diamond ring, or something even bigger and more opulent, buying a pre-owned diamond directly from the owner can feel risky.


Have you ever wondered how jewelers know if a diamond is real or fake? In years past, many jewelers simply looked at diamonds using magnification before coming to a conclusion.


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