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Pre-Owned Cartier Engagement Ring Guide

Pre-Owned Cartier Engagement Ring Guide

Pre-Owned Cartier Engagement Ring

Cartier is one of the world’s most respected luxury jewelry brands. The name has become synonymous with the “finer things in life,” and some of Cartier’s unique designs come with a whopping 6-figure price tag — if you buy them brand new. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a multimillionaire just to get your hands on a beautiful and timeless Cartier ring. By taking advantage of amazing deals on vintage, pre-owned Cartier rings, you can enjoy some of the most sought-after engagement rings for a fraction of the original price! 

But if you’ve never seen a Cartier ring or shopped for pre-owned engagement rings before, you probably have a few questions. For example, what are the benefits of purchasing used engagement rings? Why are Cartier rings so special? Do Cartier engagement rings hold their value over time? Finally, where can you go to buy used Cartier engagement rings at amazing prices?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s look at a few reasons why people love Cartier engagement rings so much:

Why Cartier Engagement Rings Are So Popular

In addition to manufacturing beautifully-designed jewelry and accessories, Cartier has also attracted a large, international following over the years. First established in Paris in the mid-19th century, Cartier quickly became one of the top luxury jewelers in Europe. This reputation stuck with the brand, even as it spread into different parts of the world. But if you really want to understand why Cartier jewelry and engagement rings are so popular, there are a few specific reasons to consider:

  • French High Fashion - Over the past few centuries, France has been home to some of the most popular brands in the world of fashion. From Dior to Chanel, there are dozens of high-end fashion and luxury brands that came out of France — and Cartier is one of them. While being a uniquely French brand was not the only factor that contributed to Cartier’s popularity, it did help solidify the legitimacy of Cartier as an important part of the world of high fashion.

  • Royal Approval - Once Cartier established itself as a luxury brand, it became a popular provider of jewelry to Europe’s royal families. Most famously, King Edward VII (son of Queen Victoria) made Cartier an official vendor of the Crown and ordered 27 Cartier tiaras for his coronation. The brand would go on to supply jewelry and other high-end accessories to royals from Spain, Portugal, and Russia (among others). 

  • Quality - Like most high-end jewelry brands, Cartier did not become so popular on name alone. Since its earliest days, the brand has focused on designing and manufacturing some of the best jewelry pieces in the world. It only uses the finest materials and craftsmanship to ensure that each and every ring is a masterpiece. Additionally, the company uses iconic designs, like the Cartier 1895 engagement ring, to help boost its popularity.

  • Branding - Throughout the 20th century, Cartier used various marketing and branding strategies to position itself as the authority on luxury jewelry, particularly engagement rings. To this day, the company runs campaigns to help reinforce the association between Cartier and quality craftsmanship. 

  • Customer Service - Finally, Cartier has followed in the footsteps of many other luxury brands by providing customers with a unique and memorable shopping experience. While brand-new Cartier engagement rings are not cheap, they come with a great customer service experience that puts the customer first. 

How Much Are New Vs Pre-Owned Cartier Engagement Rings?

Prices can vary substantially based on the design of a Cartier ring. This is true if you buy one brand new or opt for a vintage Cartier diamond ring. In any case, let’s look at a few different rings to see how new and used Cartier ring prices compare.

Let’s say you’re looking for a ring with a 2.5-carat diamond. You could get a beautiful secondhand Cartier ring for as little as $4,250. On the other hand, if you want to buy a new Cartier Solitaire 1895 ring with a 2.5-carat diamond, you may have to spend anywhere between $81,000 and $155,000. While these two rings are not an exact match, you can see just how much the prices can vary. 

Even if you want something a bit smaller or simpler, you’d still have to pay more than 5x as much for a brand-new ring. For example, you could get a 1-carat, pre-owned Cartier ring for about $4,000, or you could get a brand new, 1-carat solitaire ring for roughly $25,000. Needless to say, if you want to get Cartier on a budget, a used ring is the way to go. 

Vintage Cartier Engagement Rings

There are also some unique benefits of buying older rings that you can only get on the pre-owned market. If you’re looking for vintage designs, you simply won’t be able to look through the latest Cartier offerings. Instead, you’ll need to find someone selling a pre-owned, vintage Cartier engagement ring. If you’re unsure if a vintage Cartier diamond ring is right for you, here are a few benefits to consider: 

  • Timeless - Vintage rings are timeless because they are made using classic designs that will never go out of style. Alternatively, if you buy a brand-new ring, you might get a design that conforms to a contemporary trend. 

  • Historical - Every Cartier engagement ring has a story, and when you buy a vintage ring, you can marvel at the history of the ring and its previous owners. If you do enough research, you might even be able to acquire a ring that once had a famous owner!

  • Varied - Since vintage rings occupy hundreds of different styles from various time periods, you have way more designs to choose from. 

  • Valuable - Though you may not have to pay as much for a vintage ring, you can often get much more value for your money. 

How To Buy Or Sell A Used Cartier Engagement Ring

It’s important to remember that when you buy a new Cartier ring, your options are limited if you want to return it. Cartier only accepts returns within 30 days of delivery. While you can return your ring for an exchange or refund, you may be charged a restocking fee. And if you purchased any kind of personalization (like an engraving), it will not be eligible for return at all. 

If you’ve bought a Cartier ring and you’re no longer eligible to return it, the best solution is to sell it through HaveYouSeenTheRing.com. On the HYSTR marketplace, you can name your price and field offers from interested parties. Then, we take care of all the hard stuff for you. We have the ring verified by one of our trained gemologists and simultaneously hold the buyer’s payment in escrow. Once the ring has been verified, we release the payment to you and mail the ring to the new owner. It’s as simple as that!

And if you want to buy a used Cartier ring on HYSTR, the process is just as easy. You simply need to find the ring (or rings) that interest you and make offers. You can negotiate with the seller until you can both come to an agreement. Then, your payment will be placed in escrow while we verify the ring’s authenticity. Once it’s verified, you’ll receive your pre-owned ring in the mail!

We hope you enjoyed our pre-owned Cartier engagement ring guide! Are you currently trying to buy a used engagement ring? If so, be sure to contact HYSTR today!

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