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Pre-Owned Scott Kay Engagement Ring Guide

Pre-Owned Scott Kay Engagement Ring Guide

Scott Kay Engagement Ring

While Scott Kay has been somewhat overshadowed in recent years by bigger brands like Tiffany and Cartier, it stands as one of the most innovative and influential engagement ring brands of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Today, you may struggle to find Scott Kay rings for sale, and you’re definitely not alone. The reality is that the company has gone through some tough and even tragic changes in the past decade, but this doesn’t change the quality and integrity of Scott Kay's creations. To this day, Scott Kay engagement rings are still celebrated as some of the most awe-inspiring and beautiful platinum bridal and engagement rings in the world.

But if you’ve never heard of Scott Kay jewelry or you’re currently in the market for a Scott Kay engagement ring, you’ve probably got a lot of questions. For instance, what happened to the Scott Kay brand? Does the company still exist? What makes Scott Kay engagement rings so unique? Finally, where can you buy pre-owned Scott Kay engagement rings at affordable prices?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s take a quick look at the history of the Scott Kay brand:

The History Of Scott Kay Rings

Designer Scott Kay started his jewelry brand in 1984. With a deep appreciation for the spiritual importance of marriage, Scott Kay infused his own faith into his designs. Just as importantly, Scott Kay worked hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends. This combination of faith-based creations and fashion-forward artistry helped propel Scott Kay to the top of the bridal jewelry world in the 1990s and 2000s.

Part of what made Scott Kay so innovative was his rediscovery of platinum. While platinum has been used in jewelry for more than a century, its popularity was primarily linked to European markets. Scott Kay saw a gap in the American market and an opportunity to completely transform the industry. He helped pioneer the resurgence of platinum in American bridal jewelry in the 1980s, a trend that remains extremely popular to this day. As a result of his work, Scott was awarded the Platinum Innovation Award from the Platinum Guild International for two years running.

In 2015, the Scott Kay brand was acquired by Frederick Goldman, a large wedding ring company that began as a one-man operation back in 1948. Since the acquisition, Frederick Goldman has indicated that it plans to expand the Scott Kay brand to include other luxury items and accessories.

What Happened To Scott Kay?

It’s difficult to separate the Scott Kay brand from its founder, but tragically, the trail-blazing designer passed away from an unexpected heart attack in 2014. He was only 57 at the time of his death, and it left the future of the Scott Kay brand in limbo. Following his death, Scott’s daughter, Tiffany Kay, continued in her role as VP of Merchandising. She took some of her father’s designs to QVC, helping to bolster sales and increase brand awareness.

Even after the company was acquired by Frederick Goldman the following year, Tiffany Kay and several other members of the Scott Kay team stayed at the company. Ultimately, the deal with Frederick Goldman Inc. helped keep Scott Kay afloat without its founder. Today, Scott Kay is still in business, though the availability of Scott Kay engagement rings is limited to select jewelers. 

What Sets Scott Kay Rings Apart From Other Brands?

Every quality ring brand is unique, and Scott Kay is no exception. First and foremost, it sets itself apart through proprietary ring designs and product lines, such as:

  • Embrace - The Embrace line of diamond engagement rings symbolizes the connection of two souls, featuring diamond-studded links that intertwine with the halo setting.
  • Luminaire - Scott Kay’s Luminaire rings feature a small space underneath the central diamond. This allows extra light to shine through, creating an even more brilliant and fiery sparkle.
  • Heaven’s Gates - Inspired by Scott Kay’s faith, the Heaven’s Gates collection features a fence-like design along the band of the ring, leading to a shimmering diamond in the center.
  • Namaste - The word namaste literally means “I bow to you.” The Namaste collection embodies the intertwining of two souls, with strings of diamonds that weave in and out of one another along the band of the ring.
  • Crown - The Crown collection features three and five-stone settings. Both settings have a regal design that resembles a bejeweled crown.

Additionally, Scott Kay stands out for some of its business practices:

  • Design Philosophy - Scott Kay’s designs have always been influenced by a strong sense of faith, family, and commitment to quality. While many brands are founded by board members and investors, Scott Kay was established by one man with a vision. Scott wanted to bring even more beauty and luxury to American bridal jewelry, and he kept this vision in mind with each of his creations.
  • Use of Platinum - While platinum is relatively commonplace in contemporary jewelry, this wasn’t the case when Scott Kay first opened up shop in the mid-1980s. He took a leap of faith and began using platinum as the primary metal in many of his most popular designs, helping create a growing trend in U.S. bridal jewelry.
  • Award-Winning Craftsmanship - Scott Kay has won various awards over the years and has been continually honored for its excellence. Though Scott Kay may not be as widely available as it once was, it continues to offer the same quality craftsmanship and preservation of the founder’s designs and ideas.
  • Conflict-Free Diamonds - Scott Kay obtains all of its diamonds from conflict-free regions of the world, which means that consumers can rest easy knowing that no cruelty or violence was involved in the mining of these beautiful gemstones. Additionally, Scott Kay works in compliance with relevant UN resolutions and the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, both of which help enforce international certification processes for the sale of diamonds and diamond jewelry.

How To Buy Or Sell A Used Scott Kay Engagement Ring

If you’ve spent any time searching for Scott Kay engagement rings online, you have probably noticed that very few retailers keep them in stock. Consequently, many people have concluded that Scott Kay simply doesn’t exist anymore. Contrary to popular belief, Scott Kay is still in business, but finding the rings you want is not always easy, especially since no retailers sell original designs from the early days of the Scott Kay brand.

Fortunately, if you’re currently in the market for discontinued Scott Kay rings, you can find what you’re looking for at Have You Seen The Ring. At HYSTR, we offer an open marketplace for sellers to showcase their pre-owned Scott Kay engagement rings and buyers to find the classic Scott Kay designs of years past.

Plus, when you buy or sell on HYSTR, you can trust that you’re getting a fair deal and the best possible quality. Since our open marketplace gives you the opportunity to place bids on Scott Kay rings, you can negotiate a price that works for both parties. Additionally, we ensure that every ring is authenticated by a certified gemologist before the purchase is finalized. It’s truly the best way to buy and sell used Scott Kay rings!

We hope you enjoyed our guide on pre-owned Scott Kay engagement rings! Are you currently trying to buy or sell a used engagement ring? If so, be sure to contact HYSTR today!

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