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Radiant Cut Diamond Ring Guide

Radiant Cut Diamond Ring Guide

Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

Radiant cut diamonds may not get as much attention as round cut or even princess cut diamonds, but they’re still a popular and chic option for engagement rings. As the name implies, radiant cut diamonds are radiant by nature, reflecting light in a sparkling and dazzling array of color and beauty. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the radiant cut, you may not know what it looks like or even how it differs from other cuts.

So, what is a radiant cut diamond? How many facets do radiant cut diamonds have? Is there a difference between the radiant cut and the emerald cut? What about the radiant cut and the princess cut? Can radiant cut diamonds come in different shapes? Finally, where can you find high-quality, pre-owned radiant cut diamond engagement rings at affordable prices?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, so let’s get started!

What Is A Radiant Cut Diamond?

A radiant cut diamond is best recognized by its shape, which has parallel edges. The “sides” are often longer than the top and bottom of the diamond face, creating a silhouette shape that is similar to the emerald cut. However, the radiant cut has a very unique aesthetic, thanks in large part to the way its facets are cut in relation to the exterior shape.

Radiant cut diamonds have gained a lot of traction in recent years, particularly among celebrities. Some of the most recognizable radiant cut diamonds are owned by well-known names like Khloe Kardashian, Megan Fox, and Drew Barrymore. Jennifer Lopez may possess the most “famous” radiant cut diamond in the world (as of this writing). Her 6-carat pink radiant cut diamond engagement ring is valued at roughly $2.5 million.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be rich and famous to get your hands on one! While it’s true that radiant cut diamonds are not nearly as common as round cut diamonds, there are still plenty of options out there. This is partly due to the fact that the radiant cut diamond has been around for nearly half a century. As a result, there are hundreds of thousands of new and vintage radiant cut diamond rings in existence.

Henry Grossbard, an Austrian-born immigrant to the United States, Invented the radiant cut sometime between 1976 and 1977. He formed a company, RCDC Corp., with the explicit purpose of marketing the newly developed cut to American and European consumers. With time, the radiant cut became one of the most popular “modern” cuts on the market, though its popularity still hasn’t come close to more established options, particularly the brilliant round cut, which dates all the way back to 1919.

How Many Facets Are In Radiant Cut Diamonds?

One of the most impressive elements of a radiant cut diamond is the sheer number of facets — 70, to be exact. This is among the highest facet counts of any mainstream diamond cut, helping the radiant cut diamond live up to its name. To put this number into perspective, the round brilliant cut, widely considered to be the brightest and most dazzling of all diamond cuts, only features 58 facets. As a general rule, a higher number of facets equates to a shinier appearance, which helps the radiant cut diamond stand out even more.

Ironically, the radiant cut features facets more similar to the brilliant round cut but set in a rectangular form. The high number of facets reconfigured in this way can give radiant cut diamonds the look of many shards of glass or ice.

Radiant Cut Vs Emerald Cut

From a distance, radiant cut and emerald cut diamonds look pretty similar. They both have elongated crowns, rectangular shapes, and cut corners, but that’s where the similarities end. When looking at each diamond cut from the top down, the crowns look extremely different due to the different facet configurations. The emerald cut typically has around 57 facets, with tiered, rectangular facets in both the crown and the pavilion. Alternatively, the radiant cut has 70 facets that are a modified version of the facets in the round brilliant cut.

Radiant Cut Vs Princess Cut

The radiant cut and princess cut both have parallel edges, but they have more differences than similarities. For instance, the princess cut has a square shape with sharp corners, while the radiant cut usually has a rectangular shape with cut corners. Additionally, the princess cut can have anywhere between 50 and 58 facets, compared to the 70 facets of the radiant cut. Lastly, the organization of facets varies somewhat, giving the princess cut a larger and more symmetrical crown, as well as a more pronounced crown angle.

Radiant Cut Diamond Shapes

Not all radiant cut diamonds have the exact same dimensions. Some cuts have a more square appearance, with two sides only slightly elongated. That said, the most common radiant cut diamond shape is rectangular, with elongated sides that are roughly 1.25 times to 1.5 times longer than the shorter sides. In either case, radiant cut diamonds always feature cut corners.

Are Radiant Cut Diamonds Cheaper Or More Expensive?

As with any diamond cut, the price of radiant cut diamonds can vary based on several factors, the 4 C’s of diamonds being the most important. While radiant cut prices tend to fall somewhere in the middle of most diamond cuts, individual radiant cut diamonds can cost far more or less than alternatives based on color, carats, and clarity. That said, radiant cuts are often better than many other cuts at “hiding” inclusions, which can make it easier to enjoy a diamond with a lower clarity and a lower price.

Lab Grown Radiant Cut Diamonds

Lab grown radiant cut diamonds are becoming more and more popular, especially since they are conflict-free and have a much smaller environmental impact than natural radiant cut diamonds. Like any lab diamond, radiant cut diamonds made in a lab possess all the same properties as natural diamonds; the only difference is that they did not grow over time in nature. As an added bonus, lab grown radiant cut diamonds tend to be more affordable, especially if you shop for a vintage or pre-owned piece.

How To Buy Or Sell Used Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Are you looking for an affordable, pre-owned radiant cut diamond engagement ring? Or perhaps you have a radiant cut diamond ring that you’d like to sell for a good price? In either case, you can’t go wrong with Have You Seen The Ring.

At HYSTR, we make it really easy for you to browse a wide range of used radiant cut engagement rings and choose the one you like. Simply place a bid, negotiate a price, and wait for our experts to validate the ring and send it to you in the mail.

And if you’re a seller, you’ll just need to upload pictures and information about your ring and wait for the bids to come in. Once you’ve negotiated a fair price with an interested buyer, you just send your ring to us so that it can be inspected by a certified gemologist. As soon as the verification process is finished, we’ll send your check in the mail!

We hope you enjoyed our guide on radiant cut diamond rings! Are you currently trying to buy or sell a used engagement ring? If so, be sure to contact HYSTR today!

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