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Selling Your Engagement Ring? Tips to Get the Most Money

Selling Your Engagement Ring? Tips to Get the Most Money

Selling Your Engagement Ring? Tips to Get the Most Money

If you recently called off your engagement or got divorced, and want to get rid of reminders of a broken relationship, you may want to sell your engagement ring since you no longer have any desire to keep it. But don’t be too quick to get rid of it right away. There are a few secrets to selling your old engagement ring to help you get the most money.


Supporting Documents


Because the engagement ring is used, you won’t get the same exact appraisal value when you sell it. The appraisal value is typically 25-30% above the new retail price. However, having documents that include appraisal values by other professionals who have determined the stones characteristics and value can help you get the best offer.

Know What Determines a Diamond’s Value


Knowing what makes a diamond valuable will help you make sure you’re getting a fair price. For instance, the type of paperwork you have will significantly influence the value. A diamond accompanied by an official GIA, EGL USA, or AGS report is much more valuable than an appraisal from a jeweler.


Other influential factors include the condition, size, color, and clarity of the stone. The condition is important since any scratches or chips could lower the value, and an outdated style can also decrease the value. This Pre-Owned Ring Price Lookup can help determine the estimated value of your ring.

Don’t Let Emotions Cloud your Judgment


While your old engagement ring may have sentimental value, keep in mind that your jeweler doesn’t attach the same sentimental value to the ring. Jewelers value it based on condition, style, color and clarity.

 Clean Your Diamond


If your engagement ring was frequently worn, the diamonds are most likely dirty. Everyday items like hand lotion can also cause a diamond to appear dirty. Clean your engagement ring before selling it, either by using over-the-counter jewelry cleaner or taking it to a jeweler for cleaning. Have your engagement ring cleaned before offering it for sale since presenting a shiny ring can enhance its value. 

Store It in a Safe Place


While you’re in the process of finding a buyer, keep the ring in a safe place to keep it in good condition.


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