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Simple Guidelines for Selling Estate Jewelry

Simple Guidelines for Selling Estate Jewelry

Simple Guidelines for Selling Estate Jewelry

The term estate jewelry is broad and covers a wide range of categories. It can be something fairly inexpensive such as a costume broach given to you by grandmother. In this case it has value to you personally, but not necessarily to a collector. On the other hand, it could be an engagement ring which goes back generations and has a lot of value to both jewelers and individuals.


The simple guidelines that we follow when selling estate jewelry are the same rules that apply to most pieces of jewelry. Research your item and investigate your options. You might be surprised by the number options available to you.


Understand What You Are Selling Before You Sell It


Estate jewelry containing diamonds and / or gemstones will be difficult to value and quantify without the aid of an expert. In this case, a qualified jeweler will be required. We always advise a seller to seek out a gemologist trained by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society) as they are trained to the highest standards.


Before selling any of your jewelry, carefully look for any markings that would indicate gold or silver, or the manufacturer's mark (a jeweler will also help with this). Identifying fine jewelry from vintage costume will require more than a quick look by the untrained eye. The first rule of selling estate jewelry is to understand what you have before you sell it.




Good quality estate jewelry should always be appraised by an expert before you try and sell it. Even though your jewelry is only worth what someone will pay for it, you should try and establish a value so that you are not taken advantage of.


After you have your written appraisal, we always suggest taking a piece of jewelry to multiple jewelers. Ask each jeweler for a verbal valuation and then ask what they would pay for it. The difference between the valuation and the offer will be size-able, but at least you will have a worst case scenario offer.


If you know exactly what you are selling, then it may be possible to find similar pieces of estate jewelry online at auction sales, allowing you to determine a more accurate value for your jewelry.



What Are My Options – You Have Many!


Don’t be afraid to explore all your alternative markets. Selling your used vintage jewelry to a pawn broker or a local jeweler may seem easy, but you will receive a considerably higher price by reaching the individual end buyer.


If you are selling vintage or ornate jewelry, then consider listing on Etsy – they attract the cool kids and artsy types who will pay a premium for good quality vintage pieces. If you are looking to sell an engagement ring or diamond jewelry that has been in the family for generations, then try the website Have You Seen the Ring. They specialize in matching individual sellers with individual buyers, allowing sellers to recoup more than when selling to a middle man.


What About Craigslist


If you choose to create a listing, you will find out pretty quickly that the criminal underworld is lurking close by. Expect to receive multiple short, badly worded emails which do not directly address what you are selling. Responses will ultimately lead to requests to ship overseas / out of state, payments via PayPal and Western Union. The fake buyer will always have a bad luck story to sell and the end result for you will not be good.


Cash for Gold – Beware!


For obvious reasons, don’t even waste your time with cash for gold buyers. You have many, many, many better options than the Cash for Gold buyer.

If you are looking to sell anything of real or sentimental value, please do yourself a favor and avoid craigslist. The money will never arrive and you will be the latest victim of the craigslist professional fraudsters.


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