Verification is Essential When Buying & Selling Diamonds Online

Since 2010, the verification step in our sales process has been vital in guaranteeing the quality of all items sold. Unlike other sites including eBay, we guarantee the quality of the pre-owned engagement rings used diamonds sold through our marketplace. Buyers appreciate this guarantee and sellers benefit from it to.

Buyers Benefit from Verification

We have heard numerous horror stories about poor quality diamonds being sold particularly on eBay. Buyers have little or no protection as eBay does not authenticate or guarantee quality.

Buyers view our verification step as essential when purchasing used engagement rings online. By verifying each item sold through the site, we can guarantee that the buyer gets exactly what they paid for.

Buying online, whether it is bubble gum, clothes or jewelry has a number of inherent risks. At HYSTR, we utilize our verification step to remove as many of the risks as we possibly can. If you have tried using Craigslist or eBay, you will understand the increased protection Have You Seen the Ring provides by verifying.

How Sellers Benefit from Verification

The verification step also benefits the seller. By creating a trusted environment, and with a guarantee of authenticity, we have developed our own safe and secure marketplace. Without the perceived risks, a buyer is willing to pay more for a pre-owned item that they would have otherwise. In addition, people who would have previously avoided purchasing jewelry online are now more open-minded. We also make it safer for the seller. HYSTR guarantees the seller that they will receive their payment.

In short, the verification step creates more buyers who are willing to pay more for your jewelry and we guarantee that the buyer is real.

How We Verify

Each item sold on HYSTR is verified by an independent GIA graduate gemologist. Our three GIA gemologists have over 70 years of industry experience; appraising jewelry for all possible sectors of the industry including retailers, banks, police departments, insurance companies and the U.S. customs services.

GIA Graduate Gemologists are recognized globally as the leading authority on gemology, diamond grading, jewelry education and research. Graduate Gemologists are considered to be the most educated and ethical professionals within the jewelry industry.

To ensure that there is no bias involved in the process, one of our gemologists inspects the item without receiving any information about what they are authenticating. Diamonds are verified according to the type of diamond grading that accompanies the used engagement ring or diamond. Not all diamonds are graded equally, click here for a brief explanation about the differences between GIA, AGS, EGL USA, IGI, EGL International and uncertified diamonds.

What We Verify

We verify that the diamond ring matches the accompanied diamond grading report and whether the diamond matches the description in the listing.

  • Center Diamond Shape
  • Center Diamond Carat Weight
  • Center Diamond Color
  • Center Diamond Clarity
  • Ring Metal
  • Condition of Ring and Diamond
  • Any Additional Diamonds Are Authentic