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Ditch the Hitch: Reasons to Sell Your Engagement or Wedding Ring Now

Ditch the Hitch: Reasons to Sell Your Engagement or Wedding Ring Now

Ditch the Hitch: Reasons to Sell Your Engagement or Wedding Ring Now

Engagement and wedding rings typically symbolize forever; a lifelong investment and dedication to the one you love. However, in some unfortunate instances, the engagement is called off or the marriage comes to a crashing end, and what you’re left with is a sore reminder of what could have been or what once was.


“What are you going to do with your ring now?” is a question that you may have heard time and time again during the entire ordeal. After a while, you’ve probably begun thinking, “Well, where can I sell my engagement ring?” A number of sites, such as Have You Seen the Ring, have made headway in helping people sell their diamond rings to other lovebirds on the web. Selling engagement rings and wedding rings online is no longer taboo, but increasingly becoming embraced by millennials. If you’re just getting over a bad break-up or divorce, there are a few reasons why you should consider selling your engagement ring.


One of the more obvious reasons to sell your engagement ring is to rid yourself of the emotional attachment to the past that comes with it. Whether you realize it or not your ring can directly or even indirectly affect your emotions. Keeping these reminders around you will only further delay your healing process and make it harder to move on. Additionally, if you can look at your ring without feeling anything, that’s another sign to let it go. Make some money off of your ring instead of holding on to painful or useless reminders.


Another reason to sell your engagement or wedding ring online is for the financial benefit. Divorces can be expensive. Whether you’re still going through the divorce or have finished the process, you are well aware of the hefty price tag that came with the split. Selling your wedding or engagement ring to another happy couple will help you to alleviate some of those costs. You can take the first steps towards financial independence just by simply selling your no longer used wedding ring to someone who is shopping around for one.


It may seem glum to consider selling your engagement or wedding ring after calling it quits with your significant other, but look on the bright side. Not only will you be rid of a painful reminder of the past and a few bucks richer, but you’ll be spreading joy and love to another happy couple ready to embark on their own journey together. It’s a win-win.


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