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Have you ever wondered how jewelers know if a diamond is real or fake? In years past, many jewelers simply looked at diamonds using magnification before coming to a conclusion.


When it comes to getting married, aesthetics mean everything. One important wedding factor is the cake. Although a cake should always be tasty, a cake that fits your theme can turn an ordinary wedding into an exceptional event


Today, lots of people who go through break ups or divorces sell their engagement rings, not necessarily to make a profit, so much as to let things go.


If you and your future spouse are searching for a few ways to save on your wedding day, here is a list of tips.


 All diamond certifications provide grades according to the a similar alpha-numerical scale, but are all diamond certificates the same? 


Looking for the Perfect Romantic Wedding Song? 


Your photographs will serve as beautiful reminders of one of the best days of your life. It takes a lot of planning to have fantastic photographs of your big day. 


Diamonds can be confusing business. Understanding the language of diamonds can be just as complicated as finding the love of your life.


In the aftermath of the recession, we've learned to do more with the things we already own.


Choosing your bridesmaids and groomsmen is often a challenging task. These tips will help you decide who makes the coveted list.


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